Republican-Controlled Congress Takes Over On Capitol Hill

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WASHINGTON (CBSNews)- The Senate changed hands just before one p.m. Tuesday, and Kentucky Republican Mitch McConnell officially took the reins as Majority Leader.

“Let me just say, we’re anxious to get to work here,” McConnell said.

Republicans immediately introduced Senate Bill One: a bill to expedite construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, followed by a bill to alter a key Obamacare provision requiring companies to cover full time workers.

Both bills have some Democratic support. Still, the White House promptly threatened to veto them — a taste of what’s to come in Washington’s new balance of power.

And it’s not just Republicans versus Democrats. In the House, Ohio’s John Boehner was reelected speaker, but two dozen of his fellow Republicans defected — voting for members they consider more conservative.

It was a warning shot to Republican leaders as they consider working with the president on some issues, including tax reform and trade.

“As speaker, all I ask — and frankly expect — is that we disagree without being disagreeable,” Boehner said after the vote.

Boehner saw some defections when he was reelected speaker two years ago, but not as many. His aides brushed off the vote, noting that he still got the support of more than 90 percent of his party.


  • arnold fudpucker

    Time for the repubs to put up or shut up. Obumma is acting like a tyrant and shouldn’t be allowed to get away with his disregard for the constitution. The repubs were handed the power to curtail obumma with the last election. If they can’t perform then vote them out and replace them with others that will perform. Of course this excludes demoncrats.

  • Horace

    The republican party has no respect for democracy. When the people of this nation chooses a President that doesn’t suit them, they dig in their heels, obstruct, and sit with their lower lips out and arms folded. This is not how our government should work. Indeed, it cannot work like this, and America is greatly weakened because of it. For all their flag waving and claims of patriotism, they are anything but. Go ahead, troll–call me names.

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