UAPD Identify Man Found In Woods Across From Campus

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- The victim in a homicide case being investigated by University of Arkansas Police (UAPD) has been identified, according to Capt. Gary Crain.

UAPD started investigating the homicide after a body was found on land leased by the university, according to police.The body was identified as David Henry Fox, Jr., 53, authorities said.

Investigators responded to a wooded area near the intersection of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Razorback Road, south of Indian Trail, Sunday (Jan. 4) at 8:45 a.m. Crain said Fayetteville police received the initial 911 call.

The body was taken to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for an autopsy. On Tuesday, the preliminary autopsy determined the cause of death to be homicide by blunt force trauma, according to Crain. A Raz-Alert went out to students Tuesday evening.

"This is not an accident, it is a crime and that's why the notice went out," Crain said.

Crain said the area is a known homeless camp. He said at this time, investigators believe Fox is either homeless or visiting someone in the area.

"That area is not part of any trail system, is not part of any area where people are encouraged to go hiking, as a matter of fact there's been efforts over the year to stop people from going there," Crain said.

Salvation Army Area Manager Major NJ Pope said Northwest Arkansas is no stranger to homelessness. He said homeless camps can be dangerous.

"You have so many different personalities, so many mental issues that take place and then the drugs that might be involved," Pope said.

He said they have tried to clear the woods of the homeless community several times over the past few years. Pope said moving the community may not be the answer.

"It isn't the case you're going to ever see that if you don't let them stay in that spot, they will just disappear and never be there, no they're going to move to another place where they can set up," Pope said.

If you have any information regarding the investigation, call University of Arkansas Police at (479) 575-2222.


  • Josh

    I have warned people of how dangerous the UofA is. Lots of the pole lights are burned out, you never see university police anywhere and they cover up crime. A girl was raped last year in day light, thank God they found and arrested him through DNA hit.
    This murder is ridiculou and could have been prevented with better security.
    My car was broke into once right in day light on the campus. In the parking lot just south of the uofa police dept. They did nothing. I mean my car was literally 200 feet from the police dept.

      • Ryan

        “The body was found on land leased by the University of Arkansas between the main campus and the Baum Stadium east parking lot”

    • jake

      You definitely just have bad luck. The University of Arkansas is probably one of the safest Universities I’ve ever been too or visited. There have been plenty of times I have walked all the way across campus at 3 or 4 in the morning and have never felt like I was in danger. Campus police is usually driving up and down campus at night. Yes there are bad people out there on campus, just like every campus, but to say the entire University is “dangerous” is pretty ridiculous based on a few incidents.

    • KEN

      who is reponsible for the safety of our students and citizens Uof A and Fayetteville high school ? when they let murder happen next door to them .And turn there head to the people living on there property as stay away from them as they r dangres .Get those people in homes an off the street or intertusnalized . Clean up the property so they cant hide no brainer or it will happen to some one else next time it could b our kids. Some one should pay for the wrong that has happen to this man he does have family like we all do.ADRESS TO U OF A ,FAYETTEVILLE CITY AND STATE OF ARKANSAS JUST DO SOMETHING DONT TURN YOUR HEAD LIKE U HAVE IN THE PAST YEAR 2015 HELP!!!!

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