Community Helps Find 22 Pitbulls Homes After House Is Condemned

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM)- More than 20 dogs are in need of new homes after their owner's house in Springdale was condemned Tuesday (Jan. 6).

The 22 pitbulls were living in a two bedrom home on Adrien Street. Animal Services director Courtney Kremer said a neighbor called authorities about the noise. After a few days of monitoring the situation, Kremer said the owner surrendered the animals.

"There were a couple in particular that were in pretty rough shape, but they're all getting the attention that they need, and at least have full bellies and warm places to stay," Kremer said.

Kremer said the dogs hadn't been abused, but said the owner did not spay and neuter the dogs, causing them to overpopulate.

"He had four adult dogs that were unaltered and then he didn't have any way to keep them separate, so then four became eleven which then became 22," Kremer said.

She said the city couldn't manage taking in that many dogs in one day, so they reached out to area vet clinics and the non profit Pitbull Ambassador of Northwest Arkansas.

Director Cheryl Gibson said she took in the 11 puppies, and is handling their care and adoptions. She said they were treated for parasites, and are being vaccinated and fixed.

"Some were a little smaller than others, I'm pretty sure they probably had to fight for food, but aside from that they're pretty healthy puppies," Gibson said.

She said over 50 families have put in their applications to adopt. She said she is proud of the community for coming together.

"It has been the most overwhelming support from the community that I've ever had in the four years since I've been doing pit bull rescue," Gibson said.

Gibson said they are still accepting applications until midnight Saturday (Jan 10). If you're interested in adopting one, click here.


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