Girl Scout Cookies Go On Sale

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Starting on Saturday (Jan.10), girl scouts across Arkansas and Oklahoma will be out in full force tempting you with delicious thin mints. But this year, they're making a few changes. Not only are there new types of cookies, there's also a new way to order them.

"We are really excited this year, "said Meagan Piroutex. "We have a lot of girls who are ready to sell cookies."

Everyone has their own favorite flavor of cookie. But this year, you will be seeing two new flavors for sale. "The oatmeal raisin with yogurt and we also have a gluten free toffee that's available online," said Piroutex.

Another change this year is the way girl scouts are selling cookies. They will still be doing the same tradition. "We are definitely doing door to door and you will still see those booths out in front of Walmart and in your communities," said Piroutex.

But now, there's an easier way. "It's going to be so easy just to swipe your credit card like you do anywhere else and buy some girl scout cookies," according to Piroutex.

You'll start seeing girl scouts go door to door on Saturday (Jan.10). They'll be at area Walmarts and other locations early next month. Then all cookies will be delivered in late February.