LeFlore County Woman Airlifted After Car Rolls Over Into Trees

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LEFLORE COUNTY, Okla. (KFSM) – A LeFlore County woman was airlifted from a one-vehicle crash Wednesday with serious injuries, according to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol.

A state police crash report states Jennifer Jumper, 29, suffered serious head and internal injuries in a rollover wreck on Oklahoma 128 just east of Heavener at 8:52 p.m.

The Mansfield woman was a passenger in the 1997 Pontiac car involved in the wreck. Jimmy Perez, 38, of Mansfield, was driving the vehicle westbound on the highway, when the vehicle left the roadway to the right. Police said Perez overcorrected and ran the vehicle off the road to the left, where it rolled three or four times before striking a tree and coming to rest on the driver’s side.

Perez was uninjured in the crash. Jumper was taken by a medical helicopter to St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, according to the crash report from the highway patrol.

Conditions were clear and dry at the time of the wreck. Perez and Jumper were wearing their seatbelts at the time, the crash report states.


  • not the mama

    Instead of calling the funeral home, they called for an ambulance, and the other person wasn’t even injured, That is why you should wear your seat belts!

    • Mike

      Seat belts is a small factor. Had the driver not jerked the wheel and over corrected it would have been fine. Had they been paying attention to the road it would have never happened. People take driving as a right not a privilege. slow down and pay attention. Prayers to the family.

    • LisaDee

      Had they not been going 100pmh or drinking and driving it would of never happened! If only the news article stated the facts….

  • Dennis Taylor

    To set things somewhat straight the driver was extremely alcohol impaired,most likely drug impaired also,the vehicle was traveling in excess of 100 mph, he failed to help her from the vehicle,she lay on the side of the road in 20 degree or less temps with her injuries the driver asked passersby to not call authorities,thank god she had left her son with a neighbor or he possibly would have died.The driver was only concerned with his well being and future not anyone elses. Why was the story told as it was,the minor and basic facts were obviously omitted.The reporter didnt do much investigating and just barely skimmed over the report.

  • IndyPlant

    Why is it that the reporter left out the drunk driving fact? Also why is it he walked away without a scratch and is in jail while she is in the hospital already having at least two surgeries. My prayers to Jennifer and I hope justice is served.

  • LisaDee

    I can’t believe it isn’t reported that these two were driving extremely drunk! They were on their way to the liquor store and never made it. He was driving at least 100mph. For the person that commented about over correcting and if he wouldn’t have. Who the hell cares about that. If the real story were told here, ya’ll would have different comments! Overcorrecting is not the problem here. There is something seriously wrong with this report as well as the justice system. He is able to make bail if someone will go get him. He wrecked that car, walked away, begged a passerby to not call the police, was ARRESTED ON A DUI and driving with out a license. Yet none of those details are in this report. What is the point of writing an article that doesn’t give any facts. This wasn’t just a typical car crash (if there is such a thing) This should be a story that people show their children, this should be a story you read and say…Oh man I should never drive drunk or get into a car with someone impaired. You should see the pictures of my sister, she looks like she came in contact with a championship boxer and she lost! She is lucky to be alive and all I can hope for is that she looks at her messed up face and the xrays of her back where she now has two titanium rods and 8 screws holding her together… I hope she looks at that and then looks at her children and pulls her life together. I could go on…. but really I just wanted to say that this article is beyond pointless. It’s as vague and vague can get. I mean are you friends with the driver? Do you not want him to look bad. Why don’t you go to the jail and meet him face to face. At first glance you would see that even this won’t make him change!

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