New Law Prohibits Putting Names Of Minors In Public Copies Of Police Reports

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – A new Arkansas law took effect on Jan. 1 prohibiting police agencies from putting the names of minors in public accident and investigation reports, officials say.

The law is titled, “An act to protect the identities of children from being disclosed to the public in motor vehicle accident and investigation reports; and for other purposes.”

During the 89th General Assembly in 2013, the law was introduced by Sen. Eddie Williams, R-Cabot.

The law states, “The age and address of a minor occupant who is under 18 years of age shall be included in the report, but the name and address of the minor occupant shall not be open to public inspection under. . . the Freedom of Information Act.”

From now on, any copies of accident reports from Arkansas law enforcement officials given to the public will not contain the names of minors, according to the legislation.

The Fayetteville Police Department has been making preparations to be in compliance with the law, according to spokesman Sgt. Craig Stout. He said the department already has a system in place.

“It was mainly just about internal protocols. We made sure reports with juveniles were kept in a separate file and not accessible to the general public,” Stout said.


  • Jack

    I typically don’t think Curt Lanning is the best writer in the world; but this story was well done. Not very exciting, but well written. His grammatical errors and constant use of ‘the report stated’, ‘according to the report’, and ‘the report said’ drives me insane.
    This story is by far his best work. Well done Curt. Keep the spellcheck turned on and I will continue to be a happy customer.

  • Arkajun

    I personally think that if a minor commits a crime their name and picture should be posted all over the news channels, and internet. Parents names and pics also for not raising a more responsible kid. The age of a “minor” should be lowed to 15

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