Supporters Gather For “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day”

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – Friday (Jan. 9) was “National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.”

The cold weather didn't stop a group of supporters from gathering at Jose’s Mexican Restaurant on Sunset Avenue in Springdale to recognize the men and women who work to protect communities across the country.

“If we can do anything to boost that morale for [police officers], and say `hey, we are behind you, and support you`, then why not do it?' said Callee Landers, the event organizer. “With all the negativity that has been happening in recent couple of months, we wanted to come out here and show our support for law enforcement.”

Jose’s provided free hot chocolate for those who attended the rally.

“There may be a few bad apples out there,” said Doug Allen, owner of Jose’s in Sprngdale. “But, for the most part, [police] are doing a great job.”

Retired deputy Gary Hendricks attended the rally.

“It is not a protest, we are not out here rioting,” Hendricks said. “People need to start supporting the police.”

”We would be lost without them,” Allen said.

Landers father, Joe Landers, served as the police chief of Lowell.

Joe Landers died in 2012 when a driver under the influence hit him on his motorcycle in Florida.

Callee Landers says recent protests around the country are what led her to organize today's event.

“We`ve [seen] protests with those who think the police are in the wrong when they protect their own lives,” Landers said. “[Police] have a split second to make that decision on who is going home at night. And, the fact that [police] chose to go home at the end of the night, that`s the best decision you can make. We are 100% behind that. They`re the ones who protect us at night.”

Some of those who attended the event brought signs to get drivers in on the rally.

Lander is also encouraging people to light blue light bulbs on their porches as a sign of support for law enforcement.


  • Richard S. Drake

    And yet . . . what shall we DO about the “few bad apples” who bring such dishonor to police departments and cities?
    The brutal fact is that in many communities, you can be a cop WITHOUT much real training – if any at all.
    When there is police misconduct, it should be investigated by outside agencies – NOT the departments themselves.

    • Unfortunate

      I agree with you Richard. We all know a few who are “overly aggressive”, and some of us (me) have been the recipient of this overly aggressive behavior for no apparent reason.

  • jek

    We have had a group here in Fort Smith that’s been out every other weekend since day one and guess what! CHANNEL FIVE hasn’t said a peep or interviewed one person from here! but that’s understandable considering the Level of people they now have on TV… Thank you 40/29 for your local support.

  • Fed Up

    As a one time undercover drug enforcement officer I can attest to the dangers of confronting a suspected criminal. The answer to the “hands up” protesters is simple. Respond to, and abide by the officers request and the situation will be taken care of in a peaceful and orderly manner. Resist and suffer the consequences.

    • jek

      Roger that, even if you think they are picking on you! COMPLY! Chief Lindsey came out personally today and Thanked our group for Supporting them. We are all glad that Channel 5 didn’t show up again.

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