Tontitown Mayor Terminates Police Chief

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TONTITOWN (KFSM)- The mayor of Tontitown has terminated the city’s police chief, according to former Police Chief Kris Arthur.

Arthur said Mayor Paul Colvin, who was sworn in on Jan. 1, asked him to resign on Friday (Jan. 9) and when he refused, Colvin terminated him.

Arthur said he was not given a cause for his termination. To read the termination documents given to Arthur, click here.

The documents state the mayor has the power to appoint and remove all department heads.

Arthur said he plans to appeals Colvin’s decision at the next City Council meeting.


  • Feedman

    Where I live the chief is elected, and therefore answers only to the voters. In this case he was probably appointed on a political whim, much like he was let go.

  • not the mama

    I wonder what family member of the new mayor got a ticket? Maybe the mayor needs to be recalled if he is using his office to get even with the chief!

  • JustTheFacts

    If you people only knew what a huge liability Kris Arthur was you’d have terminated him too. When this man worked for the Springdale Police Department he had quite a few lawsuits against him. Tontitown is MUCH better off without this loose cannon at the helm of the police department.

  • Bobby

    These comments are Kris Arthur and his wife posting comments. We are in an at will state, and state law trumps any policy they have. Upton was asked to resign for not setting up a retirement plan. Fact: The Council didn’t even authorize the chief to set up a retirement account and the Mayor never directed him to do so. Who’s fault is this? The former Mayor. The person behind exposing this (Mr Wagner) then convinced the former city council to pay off the police officers with a ‘bonus’

    The city is now flat broke and is struggling to pay its bills and is now broke. They are close to bankruptcy. Why is this not being reported?

  • Mitch

    Arthur gave access to Crimestar to Mick Wagner and when called out on it, began to print and give personal details about people to Wagner by pulling up and talking with him behind Z-Mart. The former council even hired an IT company on contract in which Mick Wagner is an employee in the shadows, which allows him to access any city computer or phone remotely. The city should request assistance from an outside police department to do a sweep of all records for criminal wrongdoing.

    The former mayor paid cash payments to former employees (even elected official) that do not legally qualify for overtime at the end of last year. This is criminal and theft of public money.


  • Elizabeth Mcgroder

    So the Chief arrests the Mayors Brother in Law for DUI, protecting the citizens he is paid to protect and in return is fired due to that arrest. Are you serious? I thought the days of small town politics were over, evidently I was mistaken. Does no one else see that this is retaliation against the Chief who put the safety of the citizens over all else?

    • Jim

      You don’t know this guys history or the fact that he is a terrible manager that illegally gives personal info out. It’s a small town and everyone is related somehow. This is simply an excuse being touted by Arthur.

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