Woman Allows Thousands Of Bedbugs To Feed On Her Over 5 Years, Makes Incredible Discovery

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CNN – Regine Gries has been bitten by more than 1,000 bedbugs each week for the last five year and she allowed it to happen.

In fact, Gries welcomed the 180,000 bites.

Now her literal blood sacrifice has paid off. She and her husband Gerhard, both biologist at Simon Fraiser University in Vancouver British Columbia, say they have figured out how to attract and repel the bloodsucking parasites.

It turns out bed bugs communicate by odor. The researchers have been able to identify that histamine effectively repelled the creepy creatures.

They also discovered five odors that attract bedbugs and could be used to draw them into death traps.

That’s where Regine Gries blood comes back into the story. She sacrificed her own skin night after night as part of the experimentation process to feed the bugs they were using in their research.

But her blood, sweat and probably tears may all have been worth it for people plagued by the beasts.

A Victoria British Columbia company, Contech Enterprises, is now developing what is being called the first affordable bait and trap for detecting and monitoring infestations.

Contech expects it to be commercially available next year.


    • Mr. A Lincoln

      Bow Woe, let me help you out. Republicans have the money to employ the exterminators who kill the bed bugs and Democrats feed the bugs, because they understand them better.

  • not the mama

    It’s funny, not, I didn’t see a single word about politics in this story, what a sick country we live in when every one makes everything about the crooks who ruin our country!

  • objectivefodder

    A Republican would cut funding for research to higher learning institutions and Universities and Colleges whereas a Democrat would support and gladly contribute public tax funding for studies such as our dear Biologist concluded. Now go figure out who’s the wiser of the two political parties. Got it figured out yet? If not, you’re part of the problem and you’re stupid. You favor Bed Bugs over humans. So guess what, society doesn’t need you. You’re holding back progression of the species. Back to sleep bed-buggary. Science – 1. Idiocy – 0.



      Yes, a Republican would cut funding for research if the research was not credible. Why would a university need funding if they were not able to produce research that works. Credible research promotes understanding in turn students and college tuition. Would you hire an auto mechanic who breaks your car while learning to fix it or would you hire a mechanic who is the best and most affordable? Some Democrat’s today would support funding any study on no fundamental basis; only that it furthers their political objective. Yes I do have it figured out. Most Democrats today, not all do not have a complete understanding like you and that’s sad. This problem has promoted a sense of entitlement in our country causing more problems in for others that requires money that we do not have.

      If you were honest with yourself you would acknowledge that the Republic is no more. We now live in a police state thanks to people like you. If people like you do not recognize and resist this development, freedom and prosperity for all Americans will continue to deteriorate. All liberties in America today are under siege. And hatred is the primary cause; you would support careless actions over common sense and base this decision that another is too stupid to think for them self with no factual understanding?

      I wish you the only the best and better understanding. I only hope the future will be prosperous of all and not just one group, have a wonderful week!

      Peace MR. A LINCOLN

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