Deputies: Woman Drives Vehicle Into Beaver Lake

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) – A woman drove her vehicle into Beaver Lake on Saturday (Jan. 10), according to authorities.

Deputies said the woman appeared to be intoxicated at the time of the accident.

The woman was transported to Northwest Medical Center in Bentonville with non-life threatening injuries, deputies said.

Multiple agencies responded to the accident including the Benton County Dive team and the Beaver Lake Fire Department.


  • Well...

    Hopefully the vehicle was not injured in this incident. I’m sure it was a good vehicle, and it never asked to be treated this way. I mean, what did that vehicle ever do to that driver to deserve this kind of treatment? I think it should sue the driver! The driver was INTOXICATED! She could have killed that car! That car probably had baby cars at home to take care of!

  • Arkajun

    Does she get a billed for the cost of her “rescue”, or does our tax money pay for her stupidity?
    I, for one, dont think may tax money should be used to fix stupid.

  • judys

    geez…another woman driver…drive defensively & look for them in your rvm @ all times, esp w/cel or makeup mirror in hand…they’re all around…but glad she’s uninjured

    • Offended

      Your comment is very offensive, prejuidicial, and judgemental towards women. The fact that she is a woman had nothing to do with this accident. Her being intoxicated, did.

      • judys

        be offended, that’s ok. base my observation driving I 49 watching women with cell in one hand, cosmetics in another @ 80mph. actually men probably are the worst offenders in accidents. but women drive as though their agenda is all their own….in this case, booze sorry

  • Ron

    looks like the montenea loading dock area i watched one roll into the lake there yrs ago a girl locked her keys in the car on the ramp an left the car in neutrol an jumped out we tryed to stop it was impossible. was a nice car to.

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