Winter Weather Advisory Sunday

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Light freezing rain will develop will move into the area on Sunday morning with the possibility for very light icing. We’ll see minor accumulation on bridges on overpass before everything changes back over to all rain sometime after 9am.

Image 117

This is Futurecast for Sunday at 6am. Notice that more precipitation is expected in the River Valley than in Northwest Arkansas.

Temperatures will be borderline so there may be a mix of a cold rain and freezing rain and it will be very dependant on temperatures will which range from 30-34ยบ.



    • winter apocalypse

      OH no, it’s the end of the world! I need to tune in to ch.5 so they can give me details on how to prepare!!!

      • DontBeATrollSam

        If you want to know how to prepare and find someone to sell you everything that you’ll need, watch the Jim Bakker show. That’s all he does now days. Nothing but a Crook!

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