Arkansas Lawmaker Files Legislation To Require Teaching Cursive In Schools

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GRAVETTE (KTHV) – One Arkansas senator has filed legislation to require that cursive writing be taught to students in elementary schools, officials say.

Rep. Kim Hendren, R-Gravette, filed the legislation on Monday (Jan. 12), according to state records.

If passed, the bill would require cursive handwriting to be taught in every public elementary school during English language arts courses, officials said. The requirement would start with the 2015-2016 school year, the bill states.

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  • I'm Ron Burgundy?????

    They need to pass a law to teach proper spelling and word usage also. However, when you have adults posting on Craigslist that they have something “For Sell”, how can we expect their children to learn properly. We need to go back to a time before cell phones.

  • not the mama

    When did we start teaching kids to curse, I learned from my friend who was in the second grade, he taught my cousin and I, who were in the third grade! Ha! I’m with Horace, I thought it was still being taught, although anyone who reads my cursive writing might have a problem! By the way, all my friends agree that my young friend taught me well!

  • Arkajun

    Doing away with the teaching of cursive writing, phys ed, and the introctrination of common core upon our kids, are more examples of how the progressive liberal left is dumbing down American so that future generations must rely on government aid to survive because they cannot compete with the world, therefore leading to an enslaved society..That is what’s coming to America, it has been for years.

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