Former Tontitown Police Chief Requests Appeal After Termination

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TONTITOWN (KFSM) – The Tontitown City Council will hold a special meeting on Tuesday (Jan. 13) to discuss the recent firing of Police Chief Kristopher Arthur.

Arthur says he is not sure why he was fired, and wants his job back.

"I can't understand why someone would come in and do something like that to a person who has put in so much time, and effort, into making the city a better place," Arthur told 5NEWS.

Arthur says he was fired by Paul Colvin, the new mayor of Tontitown, on Friday (Jan. 9.)

"I was handed a paper, and then the mayor asked for my resignation," Arthur said.

Arthur says he refused to resign without reasons, which lead to his firing.

"They advised me that I was terminated," Arthur said.

Arthur did not sign the termination, or resignation, letter given by the mayor. However, he still picked his office, and returned his city-owned equipment as required.

Arthur says he wants an explanation as to why he was fired.

"In both pieces of paper that I received, that were notarized, there is no reason for termination on either" Arthur said.

5NEWS spoke to Mayor Colvin at his office. He declined to comment on any question which was presented.

Arthur feels as if he has earned his position as police chief.

"I’ve built the police department from what it was, and added quality staffing,” Arthur said. “I've just changed the face of everything. I built it from ground up, and in the midst of that, was asked to build a fire department.”

Gene Ellison lives in Tontitown. He says he can understand both sides.

“They have the right to fire him,” Ellison said. “I would like to know why I was fired.”

Arthur says he still hopes to get his job back.

"I contacted the city attorney for the City of Tontitown and requested appeal," Arthur said.

Arthur says he has sought legal guidance in the situation.

Meanwhile, Mayor Colvin declined to answer who Arthur’s replacement would be, and why.

According to the Washington County Prosecutor's Office, the Arkansas State Police is overseeing an investigation into city officials. The investigation was launched by the police department and forwarded to the State Police, officials said.

At this time, it is unknown if that investigation played a role in Arthur's termination.


    • Get Real

      Well markey boy, the man still has legal options available, so let him exercise them. If the new mayor has the guts to fire an individual, he should have the guts to tell that individual why. Unless it’s because the mayor wants to put his brother in law in charge, or pay back a political/business favor, he should have no problems with an explanation. Of course, “elected” officials often don’t want to have their motives and agendas exposed, similar to the Fayetteville City Council recently. There may be a good reason to fire the chief, but until reasons are given, it looks like arrogance, vindictiveness, and/or a petulant ego. Period!

      • Jim

        The moment you give a reason is the moment they file a lawsuit against you. Police officers shoot to kill instead of disabling an individual to prevent litigation. Anywho, we don’t live in California.

      • upton

        Get Real
        You have to overlook old Mark, he seldom knows what he is talking about,
        my goof, old Mark never knows why he is talking about.

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