Fort Smith May Update Its Domestic Violence Policy

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – Fort Smith leaders may soon update the city’s domestic violence policy, according to documents included in the agenda for an upcoming meeting.

The Board of Directors is set to discuss adding to its policy at a study session Tuesday. The new wording would add language in the non-uniformed employee handbook relating to “conduct unbecoming or dereliction of duty.”

The proposal does not state how exactly the policy might affect how supervisors would respond to domestic violence situations with employees. The language, though, is a response to a “branstorming session” city leaders had in October, according to a memo from the city’s human resources department to city administrator Ray Gosack.

“The city’s policies are written in such manner that they allow the city to address domestic violence, as well as other off-duty behavior that may affect an employee’s ability to perform their duties with the city,” the memo reads.

The memo states the current policy has “served the city very well” and allows supervisors to hold violating employees accountable, but notes the policy is handled on a case-by-case basis since “no two circumstances are the same.”


  • people watcher

    Right, no two cases are the same but a conviction is a conviction and a person convicted of any violent crime or domestic violence should not be employees by the city. There are several employees who are on the city pay role now that are convicted felons and or have domestic battery charges. How can this be you say.. Well they are related to well to do people in fort smith. They know who they are..

  • masonsmason

    This is a joke! Mr canfield’s is son convicted felon w/domestic batt conviction and he worked w/me at the convention center hell he coached if you can call it that my sons ball team once. PEople are not what they seem to be here in Sebastian county. My nephew was arrested for public intoxication at the pub crawl and cannot find employment withthe city when he was turned away the man told him it was because of his arrest record. Men are created equally by the god but money give some priority over the rest.

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