Badges & Bagels Introduces The New Police Chief

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SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM)-  The inaugural Badges and Bagels event at the Siloam Springs Police Department gave the community a chance to meet new Police Chief James Wilmeth.

It took place Tuesday (Jan. 13) at the new police department on highway 412 at 7:30 a.m. It's lasted for about an hour.

"Since I'm the chief of police of this community, they have the right to get to know me, understand where I come from and the best way to do that is the way you talk to your friend over a kitchen table, over a coffee table, you have a cup of coffee and you ask each other questions," Wilmeth said.

The event was an open forum, he said.

"I hope that we start building the type of relationship that i want the department to have with the community," Wilmeth said. "We are part of the community; we are not separate from it."

"A lot of times just some casual conversation will get you an opportunity to get some ideas from the community that we normally wouldn't think of ourselves," he said.

Badges and Bagels will be held the second Tuesday of each month.