Group Asks City For $84,000 To Bring Motorcycle Rally To Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – A group wanting to bring a two-day motorcycle rally to Fort Smith is looking for $84,000 from the city to make the event happen.

Dennis Snow, director of the Steel Horse Rally, made a presentation to city directors Tuesday explaining why they should allocate money to the proposed rally. City directors voted at their Study Session meeting Tuesday to put the item on the agenda of next week’s regular board meeting.

Snow estimates the total cost of the rally between $476,887 and $543,387. He said he believes it will bring in a revenue around $510,000.

The rally’s director said the city’s $84,000 allocation is needed to put the event into motion.

“All of these numbers are just projections because we do not know what the first rally will be,” Snow said in his presentation to city directors. “The city’s funding is necessary in order to pay advance deposits and reserve premier entertainment for the rally.”

Snow said he envisions the rally as a two-day event centered in downtown Fort Smith starting May 1, with the event dedicated to military veterans and law enforcement. He said the non-profit rally will feature family-friendly entertainment, with proceeds going toward local and regional charities that specialize in helping children, veterans and the betterment of the downtown Fort Smith area.

Snow said he estimates the city’s investment into the rally will yield a three- to five-time payback in tax dollars generated from the event.

The Board of Directors is set to vote whether to give the $84,000 to the rally at its next scheduled meeting next Tuesday (Jan. 20).


  • Amazed

    I’ll be shocked, if this is approved. Ft. Smith had an opportunity to have a major bike rally yearly and ran those bikers off.. The excuse was too much noise…it seems , if the suggestion does not revolve around the Marshall’s Museum or baseball it does not have A chance

  • jek

    I will be Shocked if the City does anything positive with this, hell that can’t even flush our Toilets correctly.

    • MARIE

      The city needs to get behind The Steel Horse Rally…and event that will actually bring tourists to town and make money for the city and area businesses.

  • Darlene

    The only comment I have is …May is RAIN time…move it to later, like in’ll have more bikers than you can imagine…trust me..I’m one of them.

  • I am Anon

    Projected rally costs include:
    • Advertising ($84,000-$128,000).
    • Production ($5,000).
    • Motorcycle-related entertainment ($31,000-$40,000).
    • Music entertainment ($150,000).
    • Sound, lighting and security ($37,500-$42,000).
    • Construction, rentals and cleanup ($10,000).
    • Merchandise ($54,900).
    • Beer and wine ($23,487).
    • Travel and operating costs ($90,000).
    What is the beer and wine for? Do they plan on reselling it ? Same with the merchandise. What travel is needed? Many questions

  • Horace

    Often times, you have to spend money to make money. Fort Smith could definitely use this. I’d even pile my old butt on my bike and go to it.

  • not the mama

    I’d like to see them spend any extra money they have to pay for the sewer problem, if they want to put on a rally let them pay for it themselves!

  • the Goddess

    As an avid biker, I hope this goes through. But I have my doubts, and IF it does come to be, I hope it’s better than the National Hog Rally that we held here several summers ago. That was a travesty. I understand keeping things under control, but the cops were on every corner of Garrison and you couldn’t look cross-eyed, or they were all over you.
    I know every September, Fayetteville has their complainers about BBBQ, but seriously, it’s just for a couple days, and look at the money it brings in. If we could get something like that going here in the Fort, it’d be great. Although I agree about May – so much going on, weather, graduations, Mothers day, Memorial day – move it to June! ;)

  • atc8824

    If Fort Smith can cough up $84,000 for a bike rally then why it Fort Smith fix their sewer problem without doubling residents water bill and charging $1500 a residence to fix city problems?I have no problem with bikes I love bikes but Fort Smith has so many problems.Yea I know spend money to make money well sometimes people spend more than they actually make.

  • I'm Ron Burgundy?????

    I’m behind Dennis Snow 100% on this. It’s about time Garrison Avenue had something different than MMA fights (which leads to more fights afterwards in “wonderful” establishments like Roosters) and Pub Crawl.

  • heather

    yea it might be a good revenue booster but a down town garrison cruise night would be too but nooo….you can pretty much guarantee that cruises can bring more than enough money into the city especially being family oriented like most cruise nights around the area are. All the times that I personally have participated in cruises, never had I seen any cop having to drag anyone to jail. Everyone behaves. So if Muldrow, Sallisaw, and Barling can handle a few hot rods then why can’t the great city of Fort Smith?

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