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Gov. Hutchinson Sworn Into Office

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) - Arkansas now has a new governor; Asa Hutchinson was sworn in on Tuesday in Little Rock.

Hutchinson said it was a new day for Arkansas.

"My top priority as governor is to grow the economy of this state to create jobs," he said.

Hutchinson said he also has plans to lower taxes.

Rep. Greg Leding, D-Fayetteville, said there are concerns among some legislators about where the money will come from to pay for the tax cuts. Concerns also exist about the future of the private option healthcare plan.

"House democrats. . . do want to have a little more certainty in regards to the private option. We would like to see the governor's budget, which will be unveiled at the end of this month, before we move too quickly with tax cuts," Leding said.

To learn more about what both parties have to say about key issues this legislative session, watch the video below:



  • not the mama

    I’m all for tax cuts, but if you weaken our schools by cutting funding,we will only hurt our state. Are we going to end up to be the next Kansas?

  • Kelly Black

    He will destroy Arkansas. Right now we have no debt, the state is booming relative to lots of other states. He will slaughter the budget and bankrupt the state in no time. In 4 years Arkansas will be defaulting of bonds and be bankrupt. Much like the state of Michigan. A sad day has arrived.

      • Mike Edwards

        Kelly Black, you are so full of BS, pay as you go (payg) is a system for businesses and individuals to pay installments on their taxes and has nothing to due with the money Arkansas owes. Look Kelly, I can be smart too and try to make folks think I know what I’m talking about to push my liberal beliefs.

        Garbage. That is including corporate debt. Arkansas businesses are taxed on the capital gain system. lol

        The fact is, we are 37 billion in the hole, and Arkansas owes 37 billion dollars. We have elected govern Hutchinson on the premise of a budget to pay this dept down so our children do not have to.

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