Arkansas Lawmaker’s Bill Would Require Doctor’s Presence To Take Abortion Pills

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ARKANSAS (KFSM) – An Arkansas lawmaker’s newly-introduced bill would require women taking abortion pills to take that medication in front of a doctor and with the doctor’s permission.

Rep. Julie Mayberry (R-Hensley) introduced House Bill 1076 to the Arkansas State Legislature. The bill states, “When mifepristone or another drug or chemical is used to induce an abortion, the initial administration of the drug or chemical shall occur in the same room and in the physical presence of the physician who prescribed, dispensed or otherwise provided the drug or chemical to the patient.”

The drafted bill goes on to state it would require the patient to follow up with the doctor 12 to 18 days later to confirm the abortion has worked and to assess the patient’s medical condition.

A doctor violating the requirements of the bill would be stripped of their physician license, the proposed law states.

The bill goes on to state no penalty would be assessed against the woman seeking the abortion pill in the situation.

Arkansas’ legislative session began Monday. Mayberry’s bill is in the Public Health, Welfare and Labor Committee in the state House of Representatives.


  • Flossie Cox

    Why does the Dr. Have to be the policeman. When is government going to do their job instead of making laws and then making someone else make the law is followed. Now the Dr. gets punished not the person who broke the law by lying to the Dr. Talk about I fringing on people’s rights. Keep it up and we won’t have any doctors or police but we will have politians unfortunately.

  • Sarah 4.0

    Freedom of the press? My previous comment was never published.
    Arkansans elected this current group of politicians and we are stuck with them.
    Since when do legislators tell doctors what to do? Patient doctor privilege still exists.
    One of these days, the doctors are going to throw in the stethoscope and move where they can heal patients with the education THEY earned.
    This whole Mayberry Bill is ludicrous.

  • aaron burns

    What is the point of this bill besides making the actual use of the pill harder. You will not save a ladies life b/c she takes it in front of the Doc. If you want to save lives you would require that the lady stay in the presence of the Doc until the procces was complete.

    • Sarah 4.0

      Not murder, choice.
      A woman owns her body entirely.
      But next time you swallow the little blue pill, feel free to do it in a physician’s presence. After all, the doctors have so much free time.

    • Mark

      Killing a microscopic cell is not murder.. Killing a man on death is murder.. I’m sure all you bible beaters are in favor of that though.. You’re such a joke!!

  • Arkajun

    What channel 5 does not point out in the article is that the bill’s main focus is to stop abortions by webcam. Currently, Dr in other states can supervise and abortion with the use of a web cam and over the internet. It’s being done in several states. Anti-abortionists call it “Murder by Proxy.” I can certainly see the need for the Dr to be in the room during the procedure. As with any surgery, I think I would like to have the Dr in the room.

  • not the mama

    What is the legislature going to do about coat hangers because that’s where we are headed in this world, lost in the 50’s again!

    • Mark

      It’s funny how idiots like you don’t see the need to control the population.. Especially unwanted children born into poverty etc.. You don’t want to allow abortions which will obviously increase our population of those in need of govt help/subsidies but will also be the first to vote against these very subsidies.. Can’t have it both ways.. Use some more in depth logic and please spare us the adoption song.. There are thousands upon thousands waiting to be adopted..

  • Stand Up Straight American

    When you mentioned population control, you also mentioned Government subsidies. Well it sounds like your on welfare and food stamps. God forbid anyone else born may be a reason to move in on your monthly allowances, causing them to be reduced.
    Your Mother Should have exercised that freedom of choice and aborted you!
    In the mean time I’ll be beating my bible…. And you can keep beating your meat!!!

  • Harold

    Interesting…..Abortion is legalized murder. Who is the arbiter of when a baby is a baby? My children were. They came into existence at conception. There was no special date at which point they became “viable” (the word most commonly used to say a child can survive outside the womb). If viable was the definition used to determine a person’s right to existence then murder of adult humans would be legalized as well. Watch out nursing homes, there maybe someone coming for you because you are not “viable”. Additionally there is no baby/child that is viable without the care of an adult.

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