Convicted Fort Smith Machete Killer Files Appeal

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Murder Suspect: Gregory Aaron Kinsey

FORT SMITH (KFSM) – Convicted Fort Smith machete killer Gregory A. Kinsey,21, has filed an appeal, according to court officials.

He was convicted of first and second-degree murder on Nov. 19, 2014, after hacking two men to death with a machete in 2013. He was sentenced to 70 years in prison.

Court officials said that a convict has 30 days after a judge’s ruling to file for appeal. Kinsey filed his appeal on Dec. 12, 2014, court records state.

Kinsey’s attorney has 90 days from the date the appeal was filed to deliver case files to the Arkansas Supreme Court, a spokeswoman for the court said. The spokeswoman also confirmed that as of Jan. 15 at 11:30 a.m., those case files had not yet been received.



  • atc8824

    So if I was attacked by 3 drunks in an alley walking home from the store and I stabbed them with my knife then I would go to jail,right?Self defense people self defense!!!!

    • TOP KEK

      It’s no longer self defense if you chase them down and continue the altercation after they flee and pose no further threat.

    • H

      Yes, atc. If you are looking around someone’s backyard, and they confront you about it, and never even touch you(is that really an “attack”?), and you whip out a machete and chase them, AFTER they run away, and hack them to death, Yes. You will go to jail. That’s called murder.

  • Gottalaugh

    Yes, If you chased them and hacked 2 of them to death, when they did not touch you, jail and prison would be in your future.

  • roberto

    They do not have to physically attack you for the threat to be considered imminent! Even if he chased them down and continued the attack, the threat was still real and the combatants were still engaged as per the survivors statement that “he struck the defendant with a board on the head.” If someone is acting suspicious, the proper thing to do is to contact the authorities, not take the law into your own hands. They were drunk and left the safety of their porch to confront the defendant in an alley. They were wrong!

  • I'm Ron Burgundy?????

    We all know this guy was convicted based MAINLY on his appearance. If he had short hair and a polo shirt, it would have been ruled as self defense.

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