Doctor’s Receptionist Stole, Sold Prescriptions In Fraud Scheme, Police Say

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) – Fort Smith police have arrested two suspects in a prescription drug fraud investigation that implicates the receptionist of a Fort Smith doctor’s office in the fraud scheme.

Shanece R. Osborne, 26, and Shaina K. Harp, 20, were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to possess a controlled substance. Osborne had an additional potential charge of obtaining a controlled substance by fraud, while Harp had an additional potential charge of second-degree forgery, according to the Fort Smith Police Department.

Candace C. Culver, 25, is also sought by police and has a warrant out for her arrest on suspicion of forgery and drug charges, police said.

Police said Shaina Harp was recently hired as a receptionist at a local doctor’s office and stole two prescriptions from the office. She sold the forged prescriptions to Culver in exchange for cash and Roxicodone, the Schedule II prescription narcotic that was obtained via the prescriptions, according to the police department.

A statement released by police does not state the name of the doctor’s office.

Police said Osborne used one of the prescriptions, written for Culver, to obtain 60 Roxicodone pills at a Fort Smith pharmacy on Nov. 26. Osborne was arrested Dec. 10 after police said she tried to fill the other prescription, also in Culver’s name, at another Fort Smith pharmacy. She was trying to obtain 90 Roxicodone pills at the time, according to police.

Detectives examined the prescriptions and noticed they came from the same doctor’s office. A subsequent investigation implicated Harp, who police said is a known associate of Culver and a friend of Osborne.

Police said 30-milligram Roxicodone pills carry a street value of $25 per pill. A fraudulent prescription for 60 Roxicodone can profit a distributor $1,500 in cash, according to Fort Smith police.

Fort Smith police said they have established partnerships with local pharmacies, hospitals and doctors’ offices to increase awareness on prescription drug theft and fraud, a rising criminal industry.


  • bobreal

    Maybe 10yrs each in Prison Plus a stiff FINE…
    Wish Them LUCK in finding a GOOD JOB once They are released..

  • arnold fudpucker

    It is because of criminal creeps like these that legitimate needs patients have the hassle they do. Then on top of everything else you have the bureaucrats making laws that punish the non offenders and legit folks more than the druggies. Another example of the people in elected office not being the smartest or having the most integrity.

    • Brian

      Very well said. It has been changed now that the people that are on them for good reasons has to go back to the doctor every month to get there refills, where it use to be where you go in and see the doctor and get your refills for six months. Now it cost people more every month for a office visit plus there meds.

    • Local Patient

      Legitimate patients are treated like criminals for needing pain meds to make it possible to move around and live a halfway normal life. Each month now I feel like I twist my hat in my hands as I request the refill. Additionally, occasionally the doctor looks embarrassed. More and more doctors and clinics have announced they no longer prescribe certain classes of medications. Why? Increased oversight/micromanagement by the government? Avoiding being fooled by user/patients? I swear I do understand that, but what about the rest of us?

  • I'm Ron Burgundy?????

    These young Fort Smith women have such a huge problem with pills. I know some men do also, but when I was bouncing at one of Fort Smiths drinking establishments, I saw so many women willing to trade “personal services” for these pills. Then they give some story about breaking a wrist when they were 10 or something, and it still affects them…blah blah blah… I took a bullet overseas and have permanent back injuries from an IED and I don’t take anything for it. People are just so “wussified” these days.
    Also…Since when does a headache require Xanax?!?!?!?!?

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