New $100 Million Bypass To Provide Quicker Route To XNA

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HIGHFILL (KFSM) - The construction of a $100 million bypass through Springdale is scheduled to start this year. Eventually, the bypass will give drivers a quicker way to get to Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA).

“XNA will build their new entry way to match up with this 412 bypass,” said Dick Trammel, a member of the Arkansas Highway Commission.

Scott Van Laningham, the Executive Director of XNA, said he hopes to have the airport's portion of the highway completed at roughly the same time as the 412 bypass, which is scheduled to be finished by the end of 2018.

Van Laningham said both travelers, and the airport, could see a big gain from the bypass.

“We need better ground access,” Van Laningham said. “When you have better ground access, you have better ability to try and attract a freight operation, for example.”

The possibility to expand business at XNA was a major reason why the airport backed the project.

“We think it improves our chances at aviation related development at, and around, the airport,” Van Laningham said.

According to the Arkansas Highway Commission the new bypass will be beneficial for the whole region.

“It’s going to be much easier for people in Fayetteville, and Springdale, to get to XNA,” Trammel said.

Van Laningham agrees.

“It will be a safer way to get to the airport, as well as quicker and better,” Van Laningham said.

A preliminary schedule for the project shows construction could start as early as January and the whole bypass should be finished by the start of 2019.


  • John Mitchell

    Northwest Arkansas was once a nice place to live. Now it is nothing more than a traffic jam full of out-of-state trash.

    • Bam! That just happened

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I have lived here all of my life and this place has been going the wrong direction since Tyson decided they needed cheap labor from south of the border and Wal-Mart thought they needed to bring all their Yankee Vendors to this area.

  • arnold fudpucker

    Obvious that this is not being done for Arkansas. Cowardly catering to out of staters anxious to leave. Withdraw the funding we have better places to spend our tax money.

  • Sarah 4.0

    The tragedy is loss to our wildlife in the natural setting south of the airport. Of course the massive wind farm is being built along the corridor so things are lining up nicely for someone.
    While our legislators have hit the ground running making new laws, how about road construction contracts be given to businesses INSIDE Arkansas? Mississippi should not have received this contract.

  • My .02 worth

    Can we get a bypass from Bentonville to Springdale so we can bypass all the traffic on I-49 and maybe another one from Cave Springs area to the airport to avoid that traffic. It seems like there could be A LOT better ways to spend this money, maybe the airport could fix up the original ‘concourse’ that currently sits unused instead of worrying about a new entrance because the one that is there seems to function quite nicely.

    Their chances for “aviation related development”, is there ANY development around the airport? One airport hotel is not what I consider mass development (not that I’m advocating more business take over our scenery). Just leave it alone.

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