VIDEO: Colorado Robber Decides Not To Hold Up Store After Seeing Clerk He Knows

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COLORADO (KDVR) - Just before noon on Wednesday a robber walked into a gas station in Wheat Ridge, Colo to hold up the store, authorities said.

But, according to deputies, the man said he recognized the clerk and changed his mind.

“I was going to rob this place, but I know you,” the suspect told the clerk, deputies said.

He then asked the clerk, “Do you know me?” The clerk replied that he didn’t, deputies said.

“Good” the suspect replied and walked out of the convenience store, while giving a thumbs up sign to the cashier.

Shortly after, a 7-Eleven in the same area was robbed, deputies said.

The 7-Eleven is just over a mile away from the first gas station, according to authorities. Witnesses said the second robbery was committed by a man with the same description as the suspect in the first incident, according to deputies.

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