New Bill Could Allow Arkansas College And University Staff To Conceal Carry

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - Rep. Charlie Collins, R-Fayetteville, has filed a bill in the Arkansas House that would allow staff members at Arkansas universities and colleges to conceal carry firearms on campus.

"Those crazy killers will know that if they try and take control of a situation on a college campus, it’s possible someone will interfere with their plans,” Collins said. “We've got our loved ones on college campuses, and we need to be thinking about their safety.”

A similar bill, also presented by Collins, was signed by Gov. Mike Beebe in 2013, but it allows a college or university board of trustees to opt out of allowing staff to carry firearms. Most schools in Arkansas did just that, including the University of Arkansas. Collins said his new bill puts that decision in the hands of school employees.

"This would remove that opt out provision," Collins said. "So that the individual professor, or full time staff member, can make the decision."

Collins' bill would allow full-time staff to conceal carry if they go through training.

“We are not allowing students [to carry guns,] and we are not allowing any guns in dormitories,” Collins said.

Some who live near the University of Arkansas don’t agree with Collins.

“All that seems to happen with people having private firearms is that someone is bound to get hurt,” said Judy Singleton, who live in Fayetteville and opposes the bill.

Singleton thinks the law should stay the way it is.

"The campuses need to make that decision," she said. "And my hope is that the decision they would make is not to allow firearms on campus."

Collins’ bill has been referred to the House Education Committee.

If Collins' bill is signed into law by current Gov. Asa Hutchinson, it would only apply to public universities and colleges. Private institutions would be exempt from the law.


  • Marie

    If your kids are being attacked by a killer, would you want a liberal with a newspaper, or a teacher with a gun to be near by?

    • Mark

      And this happens so often… The teacher becomes an instant crime stopper.. A trained assassin that kills the bad guy and saves the day..don’t we have more pressing matters before us than this TeaParty crazy paranoia???

  • judys

    what’s next, arm the students as well? more guns, more violence. put the resources into trained police personnel, not a john wayne mentality

  • Marie

    I’m confused. You Libs hate cops, you say they are all corrupt. But you don’t mind ‘depending on them ‘ when the time time comes to protect your children and your own miserable lives.

    • Sean

      I am one of your so called “libs” and I carry a gun and I don’t hate cops. Quit generalizing people, Marie. Why do you assume my life is miserable?

      • Mark

        They like to says libs and anybody that isn’t Christian are miserable.. I prefer to call them realists…people that depend upon facts.. Unlike rightwing nutjobs..

  • judys

    geez. cops are on the front line of society just like teachers. i have nothing but respect. being human, there are dirty ones, just like politicians. it has nothing to do with the party affiliation you lean to. that’s democracy. and the cops (good ones, which are most) defend that. an instructor, whether in public education or post secondary carrying a gun to defend their territory,well, that’s another debate….. i am not challenging an individual to carry a gun if legal, this debate is all part of democracy.

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