Fort Smith Student Wins Sebastian County Spelling Bee

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SEBASTIAN COUNTY (KFSM) -  A new champion emerged at the Sebastian County Spelling Bee on Saturday (Jan. 24).

Vinny Nguyen, who goes to Trinity Junior High School in Fort Smith, won the spelling bee by correctly spelling the word “cladistics.”

"Excited, happy, and relieved kind of that there's a little break from the studying," Nguyen said. "I've studied the words a lot, so I didn't need the definitions most of the time so we went off of the list."

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    Kudos, Vinny!

    I see that John Lester didn’t place very high in the grammar bee at his school. Little Johnny, please understand; sentences begin with capital letters, and they end with a punctuation mark (a period, exclamation mark, or a question mark). For example, you should say, “Go back to China.” Or, another option would be to write, “Go back to China!” Both variations of the above statement are very xenophobic, and show your total lack of education.

    However, a secondary issue that greatly concerns me, is that poor little Johnny Lester was also a complete failure at geography. Any dumbfart that has even a cursory knowledge of Asian heritage would understand that the last name Nguyen is actually Vietnamese, and not Chinese. Thank God you haven’t procreated yet. Please, without delay, take your butthurt, racist, imbecilic self out of the gene pool this instant, so that the rest of humanity will still have a chance to succeed.

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