Springdale Dr.’s Medical License Suspended After Loaded Guns, Drugs Found In Car

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The note that appears on Furr's Roland office door states he is on medical leave "to be treated for a cyst that was found on his brain".

NORTHWEST ARKANSAS (KFSM) – A Springdale doctor’s medical license has been suspended after police said they found loaded pistols and prescription pills in his car during a traffic stop.

Dr. David Furr was arrested Nov. 19 in Barling after police said they found two loaded pistols and loose prescriptions pills in his vehicle during a traffic stop. He was jailed on suspicion of four counts of possession of a controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of misbranded drugs and simultaneous possession of drugs and firearms, according to investigators. Those charges were later dropped.

The state medical board suspended Furr’s medical license this month, according to public records. Furr’s license was set to be active through Oct. 31, 2015. It is currently listed as “inactive”.

Furr’s prescribing license in Oklahoma has also been revoked because of his arrest, according to the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics. Agents with the bureau approached Furr on Jan. 21 and asked him to voluntarily surrender his license to prescribe medications, said Mark Woodward, a spokesman with the bureau.

Furr gave up his prescribing license voluntarily, according to the bureau.

Woodward said the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics is also conducting an investigation into Furr to see if he has broken any Oklahoma drug laws.

Furr is listed as a physician for Image Quest Medical Clinic, which has locations in Roland, Okla., and Springdale.

Barling police said Furr was pulled over at 22nd Street and L Street after running a stop sign. Investigators said they searched his vehicle after discovering he was wanted on a third-degree domestic battery warrant out of Sebastian County.

Investigators said they found several different types of prescription drugs and more than $4,000 in cash inside a backpack in the Furr’s vehicle. A loaded .45-caliber pistol and a loaded .40-caliber pistol were also found in the vehicle. Investigators said he did not have a license for the weapons.

Furr’s attorney said the doctor was carrying guns for his protection, as he was moving the cash from one of his practice locations to another. He said doing so is not against the law.

Furr’s Image Quest locations are closed, with a note on the door of his Roland office that state he is on leave to treat a cyst found on his brain.

The notes read, “As of 01/21/15, Dr. Furr is on medical leave to be treated for a cyst that was found on his brain. We are unable to fill weight loss medications. Dr. Blake is currently in theprocess of transitioning you to his care. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience. Image Quest staff.”

Furr is set to undergo a disciplinary hearing in front of the Arkansas State Medical Board on April 9 and 10. An emergency order of suspension of his license by the board states Furr violated at least two medical practices laws. One alleged violation states he broke U.S. and state laws “regulating the prescribing, possession, distribution and administering of Schedule medication.” The order also states Furr is “exhibiting a habitual and intemperate or excessive use of habit-forming drugs.”


  • Nicole Kramer

    Did you know that Dr David Furr’s soon the be X-wife and the arresting officer Keith Lindly are openly dating and had over 3200 text between them starting 7 days after the arrest ! 400 contacts to officer Foley starting the day after the arrest . All of this in less than one months time. Did you know the charges in Barling were DROPPED in early Dec.

    • Sean

      Wouldn’t surprise me at all, that’s how this area’s authorities ie police, judicicial, prosecutorial leaders work.

      Many of them are too wrapped up in their own dirty private lives to effectively do their job, and spend taxpayers money to pursue personal vendetta’s.

    • Sharon

      Ms Nicole Kramer,
      Perhaps you are publicly professing your support of Dr Furr bc of ur close relationship w/him. Could you possibly be the same Nicole Kramer who offered sexual favors to show your gratitude for Dr Furr’s medical treatment of yourself & your children. Hmmm, maybe you are not the same Nicole Kramer.

      • Aly

        Sharon, I adore this comment. If my husband had been cheating on me or beating me he would have been kicked out the door a long time ago but his wife stuck it out. That, my friend, says a lot about a person’s character. She deserves to be happy and he dug a hole for himself ALL on his own. Regardless of whether or not someone is a ‘dirty cop’ people are just finding reasons to see the good in a very bad man. I’m sure he’s got many texts of his own, money sure can buy a lot can’t it? In short- isn’t karma grand?

  • king ruddy

    Weight-loss meds probably do give u tumors!If i move here,which is better ARK. orOKL?Iknew someone from pa. that lived in OKL. in late 70s,but they are in spirit world now!

  • Sharon

    So, it sounds to me like he is lying to his patients with that note that is on his door. His clinic isn’t closed for his medical leave, it’s closed because he lost his prescribing license. His entire business is based on prescribing and refilling weight loss pills.

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