Hanging Judge Gun And Knife Show Brings A Crowd

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - The Hanging Judge Gun & Knife Show was held at Kay Rodgers Park in Fort Smith on Saturday (Jan. 31).

The two-day event  is hosted by Hanging Judge Productions of Arkansas. The show featured a large selection of winchester rifles, colt pistols and modern and antique firearms.

Organizers said they were pleased with the amount of people who showed up to the event.

"We were really pleased with our turnout today," said Eldon King, manager of the Gun & Knife Show. "We wanted to bring a quality gun show to the Fort Smith area and I believe we've done it."


  • bobreal

    I can so to any Sporting Goods Store or Pawn Shop and see stuff that is there for FREE.. Or even pull stuff upon the Internet… LOL

    • mack

      Probably cheaper too. The last gun show I went to had vendors selling 22lr 550ct bricks for 80 bucks, and 1 pound of vargat and other 20-25 dollar powders for 60-80 per pound. Also saw throw away sks rifles going for 400 bucks walked out after that. It wasnt this promoter, but some if not most of the video looked like the last one I went to.

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