UPDATE: Cattle Found Dead Near Arkansas River, Arrest Made

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SEQUOYAH COUNTY (KFSM) -- An arrest has been made in the illegal dumping of animals after the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office said 24 cattle heads, three unborn calves and five hooves were found in a dumpster south of Sallisaw near the Arkansas River.

Sheriff Ron Lockhart said an Asian man was able to get parts of cattle from a meat processing plant in Stigler, Okla.

Some tags were left on the ears of the cattle heads, and it was determined that the cattle originally came from one ranch in Chelsea, Okla., and other ranches in eastern Oklahoma, according to Lockhart.

He said the cattle, calves and hooves have been buried at a landfill.

The case will be submitted to the Oklahoma State Agriculture Department for possible additional charges, Lockhart said. He also said the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office will file restitution papers to be reimbursed for the disposal of the parts along with the man hours worked on the case.

He says the butchered cattle is worth between $35,000 and $45,000.

The cattle parts were discovered by two fishermen who were planning to get bait at the Robert S. Kerr dam before going fishing. Hear from them in the video below.

cattle tags

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