Plan Released For Staying Ahead Of Northwest Arkansas’ Growth

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) - On a "5NEWS This Morning" segment that ran Saturday (Jan. 31st), anchor Daren Bobb has Mike Harvey of the Northwest Arkansas Council on to discuss their strategic plan. It was recently unveiled to address the next steps needed to be taken in an area considered one of the fastest growing in the country. Their new plan emphasizes strengthening the workforce in NWA and upgrading the regions infrastructure, among the many topics covered.


  • objectivefodder

    Manufacturing and industrial commercial investment is what’s needed. But wait, our Conservative Republican and Liberal Democrat’s sold us out with NAFTA & GATT. The Global New World Order levels the playing field for ALL ‘muricans. Whoops, there goes the jobs. Keep grazing sheep. The Wally World business model prevails after all with low low prices and low low wages. Better suit up for that minimum wage gig holding signs out in front of the PIzza Parlor or delivering Pizza’s, whichever. Either way, unless you have a Masters Degree, you ain’t finding good liveable wage earning work in these parts. Crack the books sheep.

  • mike

    Northwest arkansas really isn’t that great for jobs. Alot of low paying service work to cater to the rich elite. A huge problem with illegal workers. Which keeps pay scales low. Sure bentonville and rogers are building up. On the back of illegal immigrant workers. After there is a wal-mart built on every corner we might be able to shop there when were done working our second job.

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