Healthwatch: The Fight Against Measles Continues

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At the Saints Tabernacle School in Buffalo, five out of twenty-five students are not current on their vaccinations. Principal Constance Robinson wants her students to be aware of the spread of measles in fourteen states and is hoping those in her school who are behind in their shots, will quickly get protected. She claims only a small percentage of parents object for religious reasons.

Principal Robinson says, "I believe that there is a sense of urgency, but it is yet the parent's choice. It's up to the parents to make a decision for that. We want to do everything possible for the safety of the children, or anyone for that matter."

She says parents of some of the children have transportation problems or that doctors appointments have to be scheduled months in advance. But her own son, Stephen, says he doesn't think the measles shot is necessary.

Stephen explains, "I'm not in contact with anybody who has the measles, so there would be no point for me to get it."

When asked what would happen if Stephen did come in contact with someone who had the measles, and he did not have the shot, Stephen responded, "Well that would just be my loss, I guess." Stephen's view wasn't shared by many, who are aware of the contagious nature of measles and the success of the vaccine.

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