Springdale Officer Buys Meal For Family

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) – A Springdale Police officer bought a meal for a family last week, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

The family was eating at a local restaurant with a five-month-old baby when the officer appeared and talked with them for a few minutes. The officer also asked how old the baby was.

Later, when the family went to take care of their bill, they were told it was paid in full, the post states. They were then handed the handwritten note pictured below.

The note says, “Congratulations. Have a good night. SPD.”

The family said they did not know the officer, and they were left speechless.

“We are just blown away and are speechless about this. It really makes us proud of the people who are protecting us,” the mother said.



  • Amazed

    People pay for others meals all the time…those of us who do just ask the wait staff to let them kno that it was done anonymously because some of us believe we don’t have to receive public praise as obviously this officer needed…sickening he could not have done it and left his identity secret

  • JC

    Smacks of tooting ones own horn. It’s a nice thing to do and all, but pounding their chest about it on Facebook so everyone knows? It’s a PR play.

  • Say What

    BTW since he signed it SPD did taxpayer’s money pay for the meal or did the individual police officer do so? Just sayin’

  • I know it

    Oh good gosh, it’s a nice story. He didn’t put his name, he put SPD. I also doubt that a regular officer has access to tax funds.

    I think it’s a nice story and good for him. He was congratulating the couple on the new baby.

    Some people just like to be negative.

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