Texas Student Suspended After Threatening To Use Magic From “The Hobbit”

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TEXAS (ODESSA AMERICAN) – A Texas parent said his fourth-grade student was suspended on Jan. 30 for allegedly making a terroristic threat.

His father, Jason Steward, said the family went to see “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” recently. Steward’s son brought a ring to his class and told another boy his magic ring could make the boy disappear.

Steward told the Odessa American the principal said threats to another child’s safety wouldn’t be tolerated – even if the threats were magical. The principal of the elementary school declined to comment on the issue.

“All student stuff is confidential,” the principal said.

Steward said he didn’t understand why his son was suspended from school and why the district didn’t just send a letter home.

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  • amazedhuman

    Has everyone lost their minds? Where does this stuff stop? Why is that principal in office? Tell you what, people with an exaggerated sense of power, killing off any and every bit of creative fun that kids have, is not only harming that child, he or she is also destroying any future creativity for the next generation. Where do you think our ‘magic’ of art, music, films, plays come from? From kids with great imaginations who grow up to be adults able to carry that imagination to fruition. That is absolute nonsense, the principal needs to be brought to order. And quickly before he ruins another child.

    • Sean

      Common sense isn’t that common anymore.

      There should be a pitchfork mob here soon to blame the parents for letting the kid watch the movie and recommend the kid take “a good ole fashion whuppin like I did when I was a youngin”

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