Arkansas Representative Files “Stand Your Ground” Bill

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) - An Arkansas Representative filed a "Stand Your Ground" bill on Tuesday (Feb. 3), seeking to expand the ability to use deadly force in The Natural State.

Rep. Dwight Tosh, R-Jonesboro, filed the bill which, if passed, would change state laws on the use of deadly force during self-defense, according to the legislation.

Arkansas law does not allow the use of deadly force in self-defense if the person being attacked can retreat to safety, according to the bill. The exception to this is if a person is in their own home or on land immediately around their residence, the bill states.

If passed, Tosh's bill would remove limitations on where an individual could use deadly force, so long as the person engaged in self-defense believed their life was in imminent danger, another person was about to use unlawful deadly force or someone was about to commit a felony involving violence or force, the legislation states.

The bill also states a person who is justified in using deadly physical force in self defense is immune from civil action for the use of that deadly physical force.

To read the filed bill, click here. 


  • Mark

    Gun legislation and more restrictive abortion laws..I thought the right wingers were for less govt? Their hypocrisy is laughable!!

    • Mark

      Oh I forgot.. They like more govt only if it’s something they believe in.. Please keep entertaining us.. And how many new bills is the great Bart Hester going to introduce.. Seems like he wants more govt every day.. Especially when it comes to denying equality for all citizens.. Such a fine Christian man he is..

  • judys

    guess i’d question his agenda on this. is it for his own political agenda within his constituency, or actually for the “protection & safety” of us all in this state?…all politicians (from either side of the aisle) for better or worse talk from both sides of their mouth, like reptiles. what is his real agenda? what is the track record of “stand your ground”? has it really safeguarded citizens? or an opportunity for loose cannons taking the law into their own NRA hands? to me it’s not about your political orientation, but what rights does an individual have to point a gun at me & shoot for whatever reasons & be covered by the “law”?….

    • Mark

      Good points and I agree but all you ever hear from the right is less govt.. More freedoms.. Let the people govern..they’ve been in office for a month now and have introduced countless #s of new legislation.. Both sides have issues but quit talking small govt and then go and enact more laws that directly contradict your party’s mantra.. It’s a joke and part of the reason so many are disenfranchised with their nonsense!!

  • Mr. Logic

    Good Job! Someone threatens my or families life you bet ill be using my guns. I guess all you Libtards can ask someone trying to cause harm to you, in a nicely way, not to harm you and see how that goes. Pro-Life- Pro-Guns = True Freedom.

    • Mark

      Ok Dirty Harry.. You big tough man with your guns why don’t you answer the questions and quit dodging the issue.. Do you or do you not want more govt? It’s very simple.. Yes or no??

      • John Mitchell

        You’re nothing more than a whiner whose panties are all wet. Go back to the liberal cesspool of a state you called home before you decided to come contaminate ours.

    • Mark

      Your grammar is horrible but to be expected from the redneck that you appear to be.. please enlighten us as to how pro life and limiting the choices of women equals more freedom? I’m not sure I can dumb myself down to your level but will give it a shot!!

    • m.e.

      How long have you had an inferiority complex about the smal size of your genitals? A big gun won’t help these horrible feelings of anxiety and envy. Seek professional help before you hurt yourself.

  • John Mitchell

    Good. Pass it then sign into law. Arkansas is getting more dangerous with all the riff raff coming in like the clown ‘Mark’ posting liberal nonsense.

    • John

      Mark is correct.. Congratulations on your forward thinking John..You are a state leader in poverty.. Obesity.. Lack of education .. Lack of civil rights.. Continue to think this way and we may even surpass Mississippi… Really something to hang your hat on.. Maybe we try to elevate ourselves and not continue to exist at the bottom of the pack? Just a thought for a simple redneck like you!!

  • newsonvets

    What is wrong with existing self defense laws in Arkansas? Nothing.

    So why bring florida’s chaos here? “Stand your ground” in Florida has led to a sharp increase in shootings (even beyond the hyped stories we’ve all heard). Why would we want more shootings in Arkansas???? I sure don’t!

  • Sarah 4.0

    Oh boy! I guess Arkansas can be like Florida. Justifiable homicides have tripled in Florida. Texas A & M did a study and found this law in no way deters crime but actually lead to a statistically increase in murders and non-negligent manslaughters.
    Soon it won’t be safe to go outside – except apparently officers can walk right into your home without a warrant. (See story on another page).

  • Right law, right now.

    Long overdue. As for the “village idiot” whining about government control, it seems this law is about allowing you more freedom to protect yourself, not restrict any actions. No one is forcing you to protect yourself or others. It is getting more dangerous to leave your home, that’s why this is a good law. Those getting shot in Florida are, for the most part, well-deserving of their fate.

      • Right Law, Right Now

        You have already been identified as the idiot Mark, time to pull your liberal head out of where the sun doesn’t shine, quit whining about everything that isn’t on your agenda, and move your tired self out of here if you have to whine and complain about everything. You can’t fix stupid mark, and you are definitely broken.

      • Sarah 4.0

        Stand your ground doesn’t work. Two people are in an altercation. One is dead. You can make up any old story you like. NOT THE AMERICAN WAY.

    • John

      God and guns.. It’s advanced you and your state into the lowest socioeconomic status among all states except Mississippi.. Stand proud of your southern heritage .. It’s really working well.. Congrats on being one of the front runners in the nation for obesity.. Poverty levels and lack of education.. You’re a very forward thinking astute man I can see..

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