Bentonville Tigers on Path for Special Season

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When it comes to high school sports, Bentonville comes out winners more often than not. This year's basketball team is a good example. Last year they won conference but couldn't make a splash in state. This year looks to be different thanks to senior leadership.

"Last year we had two seniors that really helped lead us into everything," senior guard Trent Carter said. "This year I think we are a little more experience. We have six seniors that come out and give us good minutes."

"Everyone understands their role and what our team identity and what their personal identity is," head coach Jason McMahan said. "Something that we have confidence and brings a steadiness to us. Last year we were searching for all of those things."

The Tigers have a huge target on their back. Picked to win conference, to win state, and home to arguably the best junior in the entire country, Malik Monk. There are a ton of distractions that follow this team but they let it roll off their backs.

"For us it's a matter of us worrying about what we do well," McMahan said. "Being able to focus on Bentonville basketball."

"We are really just comfortable with each other," junior guard Malik Monk said. "They're not used to it like I am, so I just tell them to be comfortable and do them. My brother, my mom and coach Mac and all of the coaches keep me really grounded with this."

Despite losing their first conference game to Fayetteville last Friday, the Tigers are primed for a special year as they aim for the state title but the team knows there's a lot of season left to play.

"Knowing there is a lot out there for us is good for us to know that but we still got to take it one game at a time like Trent said," Monk said. "Everybody is going to give us their best shot so if we slip up we might lose and not have that chance. We got to work hard everyday."

Be sure to show up to any Bentonville game early, as every arena has sold out to see the Tigers play.