Fort Smith City Directors Uphold Mayor’s Motorcycle Rally Funding Veto

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- The Fort Smith City Board of Directors upheld the mayor’s decision to veto funding for a proposed motorcycle rally at Tuesday (Feb. 3) night’s city directors meeting.

Three city directors voted to uphold the veto, four voted to overturn it. To override a veto, at least five of the seven city directors must vote against the mayor.

Mayor Sandy Sanders vetoed spending $84,000 in taxpayer money on the Steel Horse Rally on Jan. 26 after the City Board of Directors approved it in a prior meeting. The mayor said he couldn’t justify spending tax dollars for a private sector event.

When the mayor announced his veto, Dennis Snow, president of the Steel Horse Rally, said he was surprised, but said the rally would go forward with or without city money. Snow said he’s now going to rely on sponsors to fund the whole rally, which is scheduled to take place May 1 and 2. Snow estimates the total cost of the rally will be between $476,887 and $543,387.


  • Justice

    Total shock. Lol fort smith won’t even compete for large Manufacturing Facilities. Did anyone really think they were gonna let a bike rally come to town and bring it’s revenue?!

  • Paul Van Dolarbil

    I think the leadership of Ft Smith should be commended for doing the right thing here. I wouldn’t appreciate my tax money being spent to help fund this. I’m sure they can get by without the city’s money. And it’s not like the city won’t still have to pay overtime for extra police presence and the cleanup of the mess that will be left behind.

    • johnsmith

      • Blues Festival, $126,000
      • Festival on the Border, $37,440
      • Cox Communications community event, $41,944
      • Juneteenth, $18,600
      • Heritage Festival, $5,874
      • Area Agency on Aging, $1,078,000
      • SRCA, $2,600,000
      • Project Compassion, $94,000
      • Fort Smith Museum of History, $200,000
      • U.S. Marshals Museum, $150,000

      The city gave your tax money to all of the activities listed above, did you complain then? Which ones listed above had any return on the investment of the city?

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