Activist To Present Slideshow At The U Of A Titled “They Shoot Black People Don’t They”

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – An independent cartoonist is set to perform his slideshow, “They Shoot Black People Don’t They: A Cartoonist’s Look at Police Brutality,” this month on the University of Arkansas campus.

Keith Knight’s performance in the Walton Reading Room of Mullins Library is scheduled for Feb. 20 and is free to the public. Knight also goes by the name “Keef,” according to his website, The K Chronicles.

Knight is being paid $4,000, plus travel and lodging expenses, in private funds from the library’s University Foundation account, according to a university spokesman.

He has two other appearances in February prior to his appearance in Fayetteville. The two earlier performances are in California.

On his website, Knight, a Massachusetts native, says he is presenting “They Shoot Black People, Don’t They: A Cartoonist’s Look At Police Brutality” for the first time “in the middle of the country.”

“This should get interesting!” he writes of his upcoming visit to Fayetteville.

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      • E Max

        Because the real problem lies within the Black community. But they, and those White liberals like you, play the race and victim cards to hide their own denial. The truth hurts and you can’t handle it!

    • E Max

      And you are open-minded? Now that is funny. Liberals are the least open-minded of anyone; that is, unless you agree with everything that comes from their distorted minds.

  • Yep

    What would be even neater is if they did one about Black on Black murders. You know, because Black lives matter;-)

  • arnold fudpucker

    Activist? I think terrorist is a better description. Keep that controversy going, stir the pot. These types thrive on conflict. Bottom line here is Don’t do the crime! Perceptions will not change until the black culture changes.

  • Darin

    This sounds very racist and is discrimating towards police officers. It makes it sound like police officers go around looking to shoot black people. This should never be allowed to be shown anywhere. A fire chief in Georgia was fire recently for just writing a book about his beliefs and ideas. Why should this guy get away with it.

  • disappointed

    I agree, this trash should not be allowed. How about some program showing how the police interact with the community and all of the “bs” they have to put up with every day. I have the utmost respect for the police and want to thank them for the service they provide to our community. Every day, the police have to put up with the “I didn’t do it” crowd, thank God they are willing to do their job.

  • Darin

    Yeah, kind of throws the motion away where Matthew Petty said that he was “against discrimination of any kind here in Fayetteville”. Funny how people make a statement and then never hear from them when something like this comes up. Where are they now when they don’t even support, or back up, their City Employees (Police)

  • arnold fudpucker

    Yes, libs ;like Dickey and Sarah need to be on their knees being thankful for the cops that protect their lib hind ends.

  • Richard S. Drake

    Maybe . . . in the interests of sanity . . . folks might actually find out what is in the exhibit before dragging stuff up from the dank dungeons of despair – where so much bitterness comes from.
    And by the way, most white murder victims are killed by . . . white people.

  • Richard S. Drake

    I wonder how many folks in the “This stuff should not be allowed” crowd were jumping up and down a few weeks ago, praising the French magazine for publishing pictures which offended the less rational followers of Islam.
    Freedom of Expression is okay, as long as it:
    A) doesn’t offend angry Americans who offend easily
    B) it occurs in other countries?

    • disappointed

      Yeah, Richard. I was one of those who were jumping for joy when the magazine fought back and printed those cartoons. It’s one thing to fight back when you are attacked and another thing to try and incite a fight. These followers of Islam who are called ISIS or ISIL are killing folks over a cartoon. Cops are not out to do the same. They are actually trying to help people. The news write up tells us what is in the exhibit. You are trying to compare apples and oranges. The cops are the good guys in the most recent stories, not the bad guys. Unlike the ISIS folks, they are the bad guys. Can you try and figure this out?

  • Harold

    Why in the world would these kind of cartoons be exhibited ? It’s obvious this person finds some sick kind of joy in inciting more riots. Prayers for Peace in all races is the only answer.

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