Adventure Arkansas: Modern Mission Laser Tag

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From helping us point to the board in class to assisting in intergalactic wars, lasers are seen everywhere. In this week's Adventure Arkansas, Sean Bailey takes us to Fayetteville, where you can use lasers to battle with your friends or even the undead.

Adventure Arkansas went on an awesome quest at Modern Mission Laser Tag in Fayetteville. Adding to its outdoor facility, Modern Mission now has indoor adventures too. Parker explains the equipment can make you feel like you're in an Xbox. Some of the outdoor guns can even hit a target 1000 feet away.

Capture the flag is a classic favorite game outside, but inside it's an entirely new battlefield. Missions inside range from controlling colored cubes, realistic air lift rescues, to even defusing bombs.

Parker's best advice in the battlefield? Move. "The best thing I can say is to keep on the move, keep in mind there's just not really a good place to just hunker down and say I'm just gonna stay here."

Parker says that it's realistic enough where law enforcement uses this equipment to train. The rest of the human race can train here too, especially if you're concerned about an impending zombie apocalypse. This upcoming Friday the 13th, Modern Mission will host a Zombie Battle complete with "Walkers."

It's all about being the last man standing with a laser.

For more information, check out the video.

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