“Hoodie” Bill Will Not Be Heard In Oklahoma

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OKLAHOMA (KFSM) - The so - called "Hoodie" bill is dead at the Oklahoma state capitol. If it had been approved, the bill would have made it illegal to wear a mask or disguise. But some thought this also pertained to hooded sweatshirts sparking a lot of controversy.

People we talked with in both Sequoyah and Leflore counties were pretty worried about wearing a hoodie in the sooner state after hearing about a potential ban.

The proposal even got some national back - lash after it was reported all over the country. Oklahoma Senator Don Barrington authored Senate Bill 13.

Barrington said the intent of the bill was to make sure public places stay safer by ensuring that people cannot conceal their identities for purpose of crime.

However, critics stated he may have gone a little too far.

At first, Barrington proposed the amendment to a law already in the books that would make it illegal for a person to conceal their identity in a public place. This means by wearing a robe, mask, or another disguise.

According to Barrington, the bill was not designed to ban hoodies, but to prevent the wearing of masks or disguises in the commission of a crime.

Critics of the proposal argued that it was simply too vague which could've left it open to possible abuse by authorities.


  • R.G.

    Ok, so if you are going to commit a crime, it’s illegal to wear a mask or disguise while doing it….makes perfect sense (insert sarcasm here).

  • bobreal

    Places where HOODIES SHOULD NOT BE WOREN; While INDOORS in a Public Meeting, Buying BOOZE, Buying Prescription Meds, Voting, While in a Bank, In School in Class, in the Court House for any REASON, if Stopped by a Law Enforcement Officer while talking with Them.. And I’m sure there are Dozen more reasons..

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