Stellar Arkansas Revenue Report; Statewide Alcohol Sales Proposal Returns

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ARKANSAS (KTHV) – The State Department of Finance and Administration turned in a stellar revenue report for the month of January. The report shows the state’s net available revenue in January totaled $521 million — that’s nearly $38 million above January 2014 and $36 million above forecast.

The state’s lead economist said last month’s results were above forecast in all major tax collection categories. Year-to-date, collections are at $3.1 billion, four percent above this time last year and 2.5 percent above forecast.

A vote over statewide alcohol sales could be back on the ballot in 2016. The Arkansas Attorney General’s Office approved Little Rock attorney David Couch’s new proposed constitutional amendment to make all counties in Arkansas wet. It’s virtually the same proposal that voters rejected 57 to 43 in November’s general election.

The attorney general’s approval means that Couch can once again begin collecting the necessary number of signatures to put the measure on the ballot.

Traders are hoping to continue Tuesday’s big momentum on Wall Street.

The Dow, in its second straight day in rally mode, closed more than 300 points higher. This, as the price of oil rebounded to around $53 per barrel — its highest level of 2015.

Investors will continue to watch oil prices, but also corporate earnings, including from companies here in Arkansas.

ArcBest Corp. of Fort Smith is set to report its quarterly results this morning before the market opens.

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  • John Mitchell

    So what’s so good about the govt fleecing more money from taxpayers and giving it to deadbeats? Only a liberal hack writing this story would think so. And you just had to throw in a completely irrelevant story about alcohol sales since you are still in denial about getting beat in Nov. BTW you will lose again scum.

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