Accused Killer’s Family Gets Custody Of His And Ex-Girlfriend’s Children

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – The parents of a Springdale man accused of killing his ex-girlfriend in Missouri and kidnapping their daughter have been granted custody of the girl and her brother.

Springdale residents John and Mary Paschall have been granted temporary guardianship of Alli Ann Paschall, 2, and Braxton Cole Paschall, 4, according to a Washington County Circuit Court order filed Tuesday (Feb. 3).

Their father, Christopher Lee Paschall, 37, is accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend and her grandfather to death last month at a home in Washburn, Missouri, before kidnapping Alli Paschall and fleeing to Arkansas, according to court records. Paschall’s ex-girlfriend is the mother of the two children.

Hours after the shootings, Paschall was arrested without incident at his parents’ home in Springdale. The girl was uninjured

Mugshot of Christopher Paschall after Jan. 5, 2015 arrest.

Mugshot of Christopher Paschall after Jan. 5, 2015 arrest.

Casey Lee Brace, 29, died of her injuries at the scene, and her grandfather, Herbert Townsend, 76, was taken to Cox Medical Center South in Springfield, Missouri, where he died several hours later from multiple gunshot wounds, officials said.

A Barry County, Missouri, Circuit Court judge granted Brace’s family custody of the children on Friday (Jan. 30), but a Washington County Circuit Court judge ruled less than a week later that Paschall’s parents should get custody. Benton Court deputies were sent to the residence of Brace’s mother, Cathy Townsend, to pick up the children so they could be delivered to the Paschall’s home in Springdale.

Under the Uniform Child-Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act, the Washington County Circuit Court is the proper court to determine custody in this case, according to the Feb. 3 order from that court.

The act stipulates that minors must reside in a state for six months before a court in that state has jurisdiction. The children only lived in Missouri, the site of the shootings, for about four months, since late September or early October, according to the Washington County court order.

Brace’s family still can seek to have the children returned to them by filing court documents in Washington County, officials said.

Brace’s sister, Brittney Woods, said the family sought custody through a court in Missouri, not knowing they were supposed to have gone through the court system in Arkansas. She said the family now will go through the Washington County Circuit Court system in seeking to have the children returned to them.

The Barry County, Missouri, Prosecutor’s Office has charged Paschall with first-degree murder, first-degree assault, and armed criminal action, according to court documents. The prosecutor is also planning to recommend a $1 million bond once Paschall is jailed in Missouri. Meanwhile, Paschall is being held in the Washington County Detention Center, awaiting trial on a previous local charge.

For more on the charge Paschall is facing in Washington County, click here.


  • WS

    Sickening! Look at the POS they raised and now they get custody. I wouldn’t even doubt that those kids barely know those people. How heartless do you need to be to take children from a home where they are comfortable and know the caretakers, shortly after their mother was KILLED by your son and rip them away, just b/c your so selfish??? And what kind of judge allows that to happen? Its an outrage!!!

  • Lin Frank

    first off he isn’t a POS and her family/the mom FAILED A DRUG TEST…my friend doesn’t DO DRUGS…and those kids are taken a lot better care of there…she lost guardianship because of her drug background PERIOD…not because of JURISDICTION

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