Clarksville Mayor Fires Police Chief

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CLARKSVILLE (KFSM) – The Clarksville police chief has been fired and says he is appealing the firing in an effort to get his job back.

Greg Donaldson, 45, was fired by Mayor Mark Simpson about 6 p.m. on Wednesday (Feb. 4), the former chief told 5NEWS.

Donaldson said he was not given a reason for being fired but suspects it was because he wanted to fill three vacancies in the department over the mayor’s objection.

Donaldson said he filed an appeal on Thursday morning (Feb. 5) and requested an expedited decision by the City Council. The council is expected to take up the issue on Monday (Feb. 9), Donaldson said.

“I’ll respect their decision,” he said.

Simpson told 5NEWS he has appointed Kevin Weathers, a current member of the police department, as interim chief.

Donaldson said he has served Clarksville in law enforcement for 27 years, including the last eight years as police chief.

As Clarksville police chief, Donaldson said his salary was $56,000 a year.

Donaldson became engaged in December 2014 and said between him and his fiancée, the two have six children.

Since being fired, Donaldson said he has been “overwhelmed” by kindness from the community.


  • Alicia

    It’s about time!!!! He treated me like a bad guy for making a stink about one of his officers tackling and almost tasing my autistic child! I will be disappointed if he gets his job back! It’s about time the mayor stands up and does something! Helms never would!

  • Sam

    Thanks for the editorial, five news. What on earth does the former chief’s engagement have to do with this story other than your attempt to curry sympathy?

  • Pitiful,

    Well I think it was wrong. More small town politic is about right. He is a good man. Has served the residents of Clarksville for years. And not even an explanation. Sad…

    • Change is good

      Any police chief that would put his feet up on the desk of the prior mayor while calling him boss needs to go

    • Sarah

      Greg is a master manipulator. It’s about time someone did something. We need to give the new Mayor a chance to do his job. I know Greg personally and he is nothing put a politician, you can login to his Facebook page and see all his support from his pitiful campaign. I see he says nothing on there about leaving the department so his reason for termination couldn’t be given. What a card! Stay clear of this dude!

  • Brittney Flinn

    Don’t forget that Donaldson is the same Chief of Police who launched the “Picture Them Home” campaign to bring home missing children (and that it has actually recovered some). He’s done many good things for the community, and for the city to withhold a reason for termination is disgraceful.

  • Katie Pearson

    Greg’s been overwhelmed with kindness, sounds like he got ahold of 5news for this campaign he’s running. Any other town the Mayor elects his own Chief of Police, why is this any different.

  • Randy

    And here we read one side of the story. I would hope 5News would reach out to the Mayor to get both sides of the story. There’s definitely a reason & I would like to hear it.

    • Citizen

      If he is reinstated there will always be tension between the mayor and chief which will not be good for the department. He knew when he took the job that there was a possibility that a new mayor may be elected and he could be replaced since the position is an “at will” position. I don’t know if the city council will have the backbone to uphold the mayors decision or not but if he is reinstated, it will hurt the police department. The city council needs to interview the city officers individually and ask for their honest opinion before making any decisions.

  • WC

    Greg’s Dad being on the Clarksville city council for many many years is how Greg got hired by the PD in the first place. As person, he has issues dealing with anyone he thinks might be a threat to his superiority, i.e. anyone who has not had the breaks given to them as they have been given to him, and were able still to make something out of themselves.
    The city of Clarksville deserves more from a police chief. The city deserves a chief that will install pride in his department. I can not imagine how the officers with many years seniority to Greg must have felt about themselves and their department when the decision of who to appointed to do that position who was not based on that person’s conduct, intellect, or performance, but upon the nepotism that is so rampart throughout small town America.

  • micheal

    Well I think its wrong he should get his job back I’ve known Mr.Donaldson for years an has found him to be a good he has be fair to poeple

  • todd

    Greg seemed to think Clarksville School was a singles bar and married women was his primary target when the police chief goes to the school and is there to protect and serve and flirts with women in the process and breaks up homes its time for him to go

  • Billy helms keeper

    Greg walked around this town handling the prior mayor like a puppet
    spent hundreds of thousands building his shrine of a police station
    Does anyone feel safer
    Mark Simpson won a runoff election was put in office by the people of Clarksville
    Let him make a choice and let’s move on to do great things with clarksvilles future

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