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She was lethargic. She was sleepy. She was thirsty. Four years ago, the then 7-year-old Carson Wedding was handed a life changing diagnosis: Juvenile Diabetes. Her mother warned her that life would be different. She would have to measure everything she ate, test herself several times a day, as well as have to wake up in the night to do the blood sugar level tests. Now technology created by parents of Juvenile Diabetics is changing the way worried parent can watch their children's blood sugar levels. They can now do it remotely, with a watch.

Carson's watch is bright blue. It tells the time and tells her parents that her blood sugar level is under control. It makes things easier on Carson too now that she doesn't have to carry a bunch of medical equipment around school. The program is called "Nightscout." With an internet connection, it instantly transmits readings from the patients glucose monitor.

The Weddings got involved to help other parents navigate the techy-how-to. They explain that they don't want to wait on the FDA or manufacturers. They're going to develop the tools needed to live a normal life. Melinda Wedding says that the watch and app is priceless, "There are parents in the group who say this is the first time we've been able to go on a date night [in a decade] because we finally have a way to help our caregivers take care of our child."

For more information, check out the video.

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  • Jenny Avamon (Eye Makeup)

    Diabetes runs in my family unfortunately, I struggled with it for many years of my life so I completely understand the difficulties people with T1 & T2 diabetes have to live with. Fortunately, I was actually able to completely cure my diabetes last year without the need for any pills at all. It was shockingly easy for me to cure myself and I’m not sure why the media haven’t pushed this new miracle. Apparently its to do with pharmaceutical companies legislation or something but I don’t really know. Anyway how I did it, I just watched the video on and just followed all the instructions it gave me. It COMPLETELY cured me!

    Hopefully anyone who reads my comment can be cured too because as I said, diabetes took over my life for far too long.

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