Rep. Files Bill That Allows Students And Teachers To Say “Merry Christmas”

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LITTLE ROCK (KFSM) - An Arkansas representative has filed a bill to "allow students and school district staff to offer traditional greetings regarding [winter] celebrations, including Merry Christmas."

Rep. Justin T. Harris, R-West Fork, filed the bill on Thursday (Feb. 6), according to legislative records.

The bill, HB 1272, is also called "An act to allow school districts to recognize and educate students on traditional winter celebrations."

Other holiday greetings included in the bill are "Happy Hanukkah" and "Happy Holidays."

The bill also states that scenes or symbols associated with a traditional winter celebration, including a menorah or Christmas image, can be placed on school property. It also states those same scenes and symbols may not include a message that encourages adherence to a particular religious belief.

Harris' bill must now be presented before the House Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs.

To read the bill, click here.


  • brandon

    Wow a bill to restrict civil rights, to control women, pay raises, merry christmas, stand your ground? I’m so glad you idiots are in charge now…

    • Kevin

      A bill stating we will not go above and beyond federal law, not killing babies, keeping the prices of goods down, saying merry christmas without fear of lawsuits, and being able to defend my home sounds like we voted the right guys in this time.

  • Get Real

    The restrictions bed-wetting liberals have put on Arkansans is long overdue being addressed. Well done to the senate and house. To those whining and screeching as they watch their liberal/socialist agenda being dismantled, I say eat your words “elections have consequences”.

      • Get Real

        Not a klansman john, but I am sick and tired of you pathetic liberals whining and moaning about how “Christians” are making you do this, keeping you from doing that, and on and on. Believe what you want, but you are more of an idiot than you sound like if you think you are going to dictate what others believe and say.

  • pacinoguy

    This is at once laughable and perplexing. No law prevents anyone in the public schools from expressing holiday greetings; the Supreme Court years ago protected student speech under the First Amendment, as long as the speech does not impede the educational process. And secondly, why does Rep. Harris think it appropriate to impose yet *one more* time requirement on public schools? Students’ and teachers’ schedules are already stretched to the limit meeting requirements of both state and federal laws regulating what must be taught and tested, and the schedule by which those things must be done.


    When will lawmakers stop trying to force the rest of us to worship their zombie extraterrestrial hybrid? Not everyone in Arkansas holds those fairy tales as sacred.

  • Murica

    Channel 5’s reporters would do well not to be lapdogs for elected officials with known conflicts of interest.

  • Say What

    This is ridiculous. Freedom of speech exists. Use your time to try to improve some of the problems that exist in our state and not some petty something to get your face in the news.

  • Kevin

    First of all I can see by the comments that people aren’t quite understanding this move. Its not to address the past or present but to counter future laws liberals may want to pass. Basically this is a “just in case” type law.

      • Kevin

        Mr or Mrs Amazed I believe a very large number of Arkansans place personal freedoms as number 1 in the “real problems” category.

      • John

        Personal freedoms like not having Christianity shoved down your throat?? You know.. Freedom from religion.. It’s an old law but still applicable.. Idiot!!

    • John

      A ” just in case” law… Are you serious?? You’re a real smart one I can see.. Just in case what? Just in case a Muslim or atheist wants to celebrate their traditions at school… Your ignorance is quite entertaining..

    • Get Real

      You have got it exactly right Kevin, liberals are foaming at the mouth, running around crying and whining because they lost the midterm elections, BIG TIME. It is amusing watching john and the rest of the crybaby libs soiling themselves every time they don’t get their way.

      • Mark

        Not upset at all.. The nation and world are more liberal each and every day.. Except in Dixieland .. It to will fall to common sense.. You don’t reverse progress and evolution.. Another foreign concept to you good ol boys.. Enjoy it while you can .. It will soon be over..

  • Kevin

    Mark according to the last election your “progressive” (or as I call it regressive) ideology was rejected so you are actually wrong its getting more conservative. i believe its time you and your buddy john head out west where there are no steers and only que*rs.

    • Mark

      As I said before.. Only in the slave states does time and progress revert.. Your recent midterm elections mean nothing outside of Arkansas.. The country is more liberal and less religious daily.. That’s called progress.. Unfortunately for you boys in your overalls your time is quickly eroding.. Enjoy it while you can Bubba!!

  • Kevin

    Arkansans finally figured out the republicans today are like the democrats they loved in the 50’s and 60’s

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