Healthwatch: The Measles Story Continues

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The measles outbreak may have spread to New Jersey and Ohio where health officials are keeping an eye on two suspected cases.  This comes after a cluster of children at a daycare  near Chicago came down with the highly contagious disease.

Unvaccinated children and staff at this daycare near Chicago  have been told to stay home for three weeks. Five babies at the KinderCare Learning Center in Palatine have been diagnosed with the measles. Two of the five cases are confirmed and up to ten more children may have been exposed. Babies under twelve months are especially vulnerable  because they’re too young to get the vaccine.

Across the nation, there have been at least 150 measles cases in fourteen states, many of them linked to Disney themes parks in California. Near Toledo, Ohio parents at Clay High School received a letter alerting them that a student was diagnosed with the measles.  Parents are being urged to make sure their children have been vaccinated. Measles can be very serious for children under five . It can lead to pneumonia, brain swelling even death. Most people recover in a few weeks.

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  • John Mitchell

    Measles was officially eradicated from the U.S. over 15 years ago. Illegals continue to pour across the border. Coincidence? Wake up America! Put your White guilt aside and protect your children’s future. Don’t you owe them at least that?

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