Lawmaker Wants To Ban Drone Usage By Peeping Toms

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – A Republican state House member from West Fork wants to outlaw the use of drones for voyeurism by peeping Toms.

Rep. Justin Harris told 5NEWS on Friday (Feb. 6) he intends to introduce the bill as early as next week.

Harris said he has withdrawn a previous bill that would have made it a crime to fly a drone over private property and take pictures without permission.  That bill would have made it a misdemeanor for a drone operator to have or distribute an unauthorized image but would have exempted pictures taken by law enforcement officials and photos taken on public property.

“I think that’s going to be another issue for another day,” Harris said.  “I think that is very important, but we will address that at a later time.”

Harris discussed the drone issue at a Chamber of Commerce legislative forum in Fayetteville on Friday. Before the forum began, he also spoke to 5NEWS about the issue.

He said the new legislation “won’t have anything to do with people flying over property” but will seek to clamp down on voyeurs using drones to spy on those who are disrobed.


  • jek

    I wish law makers like yourself would get a real job! HELLO! you already have laws on the books for peeping toms! So I’m out flying my Drone at the Park! My Drone doesn’t have a camera, So because I’m flying a Drone! The Police are called and come Harass me and want to inspect my equipment! FIRST OFF WHAT MAKES THEM EXPERTS IN CAMERAS AND DRONES!! They make Hundreds of different models. Mr. Harris, Why don’t you people Police yourselves! I see you voted to double your Salary’s. Ooooooooo that’s really looking out for the Citizens.

  • droning on and on and on

    Does Channel 5 ever do stories about lawmakers other than the most beloved disciple of West Fork?

  • joesumone

    So…who determines who the “Peeping Toms” are? Have they been previously selected by the state and that is why the law is needed? Is there an employment recruitment center for these “Peeping Toms”? It’s kind of funny that this particular lawmaker has a goal for banning the use of drones for a problem that has never been identified in Western Arkansas, or any of the surrounding states.

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