Springdale Police Department Buys 12 Bikes To Patrol Trails

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Springdale (KFSM) - The Springdale Police Department bought a dozen new mountain bikes to help patrol the walking and biking trails around town.

"We do have some bicycles, but a lot of them are older, some of them were bought back in the 90's, but we needed an upgrade," Lt. Derek Hudson said.

He said the bikes were purchased with federal and state grant money. Hudson said the bikes cost about $1,000 each, and said the department will spend several more thousand dollars outfitting them with lights, decals and other accessories.

"These trails a lot of them we can't see them from the road, so a lot of our police officers are out there with their cars and there could be things that are happening on the trail that we can't see or can't get a car out there, so these bikes allow us to pretty much go anywhere, on or off road, and access those locations," Hudson said.

Bethel Heights resident Colleen Foster said she uses the trails weekly, and said she is happy the police department is adding more patrols.

"I think that's great, I know there's been some issues in different places in Northwest Arkansas, I'm always out with my husband, we ride together, so I always feel safe, but I know this will be a good thing for a lot of people," Foster said.

Springdale resident James Jordan said he bikes on the Razorback Greenway often, and said once the trails in Springdale are complete, he will be using them to get to work everyday.

The area is growing, and I guess it's a comfort to have police anywhere, on a trail, that's where a lot of people are going to be, so it's good to have them out there," Jordan said.

Hudson said the bikes will be ready to go in the next few weeks, once they are outfitted with police gear.



  • william winston wilhurst

    State and Federal grant money? I live in Fayetteville. Here’s an idea, Springdale should fund it’s own police department and Fayetteville do the same. Why should someone in Lake Village pay for Springdale police bikes, let alone someone living in Maine.

    • Bob

      The US Govt. makes the money available. Springdale, Fayetteville or any other police department didn’t create the grant system. The money is out there, so why not use it? If your local town doesn’t use it another city or county will benefit from it. You taking issue with Springdale using the money is ignoring the fact of where and how the money is made available.

      You’re also ignoring that the Federal Govt. provides this money to keep local departments on the hook of having to do what the Feds want. If the Fed weren’t giving a local pd money, why would a local pd do anything the feds asked?

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