5NEWS Fit: Working Out As A Couple

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Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, we’re sticking with the theme of love for this week’s 5NEWS Fit.

Don and Stephanie Clack have been married for more than three years, and they recently started working out together at Body Tailors in Fort Smith. 5NEWS spoke with the Clack’s during one of their daily workouts, and they say there are a few different reasons they’re doing this. Don says he enjoys exercising with his wife, because they can discuss the workouts afterward and help each other with their diets. His wife agrees.

“It’s accountability too, because there are nights I don’t want to workout. And he says ‘Come on, we’re going.’ So I say okay. Then, after I go, I feel better about it,” Stephanie said.

The Clack’s say they plan to continue working out together. They’re goals are to look good in their swimsuits this summer and to improve their overall health. Don says one perk to all the diet and exercise is that he doesn’t have to buy any chocolates for Valentine’s Day.

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