Kopper Kettle Prepares For Valentine’s Day Rush

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VAN BUREN (KFSM) - Valentine's Day is just days away which means candy stores across the area are busy getting everything ready.

Heart - shaped boxes full of chocolate and teddy bears are all over inside Kopper Kettle Candies in Van Buren and Fort Smith. Even though the store is working hard to make sure you spread a little love this Valentine's Day but it's also a reminder of how this business got started.

We depend on eacher other one hundred percent," said owner Berry Ann Greer.

Tommy and Berry Ann Greer have a love story that starts with chocolates. Its been a family business from the beginning and now it keeps getting passed down generation to generation. But the story started with Tommy and Berry AnnĀ Greer years ago.

"We had to make a choice if we wanted to save the family business or if we wanted to go on with our lives and this what we choose," said Berry Ann.

The couple each has their own job even being seperated between the two stores. "He is the one that keeps with what candy needs to be ordered," said Berry Ann. "I come in and get on the computer and do all the book work."

"It's very important for her to do her job and even more important for us to do our job," said Tommy.

They both said their love for each other has even grown having this business together.

The Greers said they will be spending their Valentine's Day at the store.

Kopper Kettle Candies will be open Saturday (Feb. 14) at 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.


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