Monte Ne Remnants Emerge As Lake Level Plunges

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BENTON COUNTY (KFSM) - A historic resort is rising out of the water in Benton County as lake levels drop across the area.

Monte Ne was a resort that was founded in 1900 and its remains lie beneath the waters at Beaver Lake.

William Harvey, also known as Coin, built the popular destination. There were three hotels, Hotel Monte Ne, the Missouri Row Hotel and the Oklahoma Row Hotel. There was also an amphitheater that many refer to as "the pyramids."

In 1962 the land was bought by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for the construction of Beaver Lake. Four years later water covered almost all of the resort.

There are a few remnants of the resort that are visible all of the time.

"The only thing you can see all of the time, because the water does not go up there is the fire place at Missouri Row and the tower and foundation of Oklahoma Row," said Terilyn Wendling, assistant director at Rogers Historical Museum.

Harvey died in 1936. He was buried in a concrete vault on resort property.



  • Fed-up

    Most people don’t realize that monte ne was actually a well established town well before Coin Harvey brought himself to building his dream resort.

    • fox news Jr.

      Hey, now, Channel 5 newsreaders ain’t got time for no fancy history lesson just to provide context and understanding for viewers.

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