Obama Talks About Decision Not To Pay Ransom For ISIS Hostage, Rescue Attempt

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CNN- The United States made a risky, but ultimately unsuccessful, attempt to rescue American hostage Kayla Mueller from ISIS custody before her death, President Barack Obama said on Tuesday.

“I deployed an entire operation — at significant risk — to rescue not only her, but the other individuals who had been held, and probably missed them by a day or two,” Obama told Buzzfeed News’ Ben Smith in an interview. He said the U.S. always devotes “enormous resources to freeing captives or hostages anywhere in the world.”

In his first public comments about Mueller, Obama said he was heartbroken at news of the American humanitarian worker’s death. But he maintained his stance against paying ransoms for American hostages — even if that means going against their families’ wishes.

“It’s as tough as anything that I do — having conversations with parents who understandably want, by any means necessary, for their children to be safe,” Obama said. “We will do everything we can short of providing an incentive for future Americans to be caught.”

The White House said earlier Tuesday that Obama had recently phoned Mueller’s parents to offer condolences after U.S. intelligence confirmed their daughter’s death. Officials said they couldn’t be sure when and how Mueller had died based on the photographic evidence ISIS sent Mueller’s family.

White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said it appeared unlikely Mueller died in a coalition airstrike last week, as ISIS has claimed, since evidence showed no civilians were in the vicinity of the targeted buildings.


  • zztopperman

    Notice how he says “I deployed” as though somehow he is “THE MAN” and then proudly proclaims that it was “an entire operation” which even amazed himself, since he usually waits too long and then only gives the generals only a fraction of the team requested! One thing not different was that, as usual, he did wait way too long, as I read last night a report stating he waited several weeks too long….no wonder they arrived too late by “a day or or two”!
    Good to know we never pay “ransom” and devote “enormous resources” to rescuing “captives or hostages” anywhere* in the world….*except Mexico…..when he let our Marine rot in that Mexican jail, never lifting a finger to even make a call! But he WILL TRADE TERRORISTS, FIVE for ONE DESERTER….AND THEN WE WILL OFFER FIVE MILLION DOLLARS just to try and get one back! Does it really make sense to be letting these guys go free? Under any other president, the war on terror would still be going, because the terrorism has NEVER STOPPED!!!!

  • Kevin

    Barrack Hussein Obama, Hear this… Nobody believes anything you say. You did not try to rescue this girl. Then to say that you do not pay ransom’s? You freed 5 terrorist for 1 traitor. That is far worse than paying any kind of ransom !!!

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