The Dangers Of Oversharing On Social Media

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ARKANSAS (KTHV) – Social media use is gaining more and more attention lately, not just because people are using it for everything, but how they are using it.

We all know there are just some things you shouldn’t share on the Internet without risking serious consequences, such as inappropriate photos of yourself or maybe what you really think of your boss.

But, there are other things we share regularly without considering what could happen.

“I’m on Facebook, Twitter,” Christina Garner began. She posts just about every hour if not more. Garner continued, “I post everything, anything. My dinner, what I made, all about my weight loss surgery, all about the parties that I have.” Upon arriving to Garner’s home for THV11’s interview, she managed to snap a photo and upload it to Facebook within minutes. She jokingly admits, “I have a problem.”

While social media may be a fun way to keep up with friends and family, it can lead to dangers. Dr. Howard Turney explained, “It’s what we do with the social media that’s the problem. It’s not the social media itself.” Turney, with the school of social work at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock warns of the harm social media can produce when oversharing. He said, “I think that a lot of people that may have access to your information that you may not be aware of and because of that you can expose yourself to people that you might not want to associate with.”

This can happen in many ways, but one of the most common is geotagging. It is defined as “a piece of data embedded in a digital media file to indicate geographical information about the subject.”

By using geotagging, it’s not just a picture that shows up on Facebook, but also the user’s exact location.

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